Radha Mohan 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 3rd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on ArticleWeb.me

Radha is standing with the entire family when they all suddenly hear the drum beating, they all get worried wondering who is coming, Gungun walks down the stairs dressed as Shiv jee, they all start smiling seeing her as she is walking towards them, Gungun walks to stand between Kadambari and Radha, she also is holding the Trishlok in her hands, Radha praises her for looking very beautiful an so both Mohan and Radha lean to kiss her, she quickly takes a step back, Radha and Mohan both start staring each other and are stunned, Radha starts thinking when Mohan took her to the Mandir and even helped her during her illness, Mohan is also stunned thinking of Radha, the neighbor explain Gungun is just looking like MahaDev, Radha and Mohan both stand up and feel a bit worried. Damini is however furious staring at Radha. All the neighbors exclaim Gungun is indeed looking really beautiful, Gungun asks them all to stop for a moment, mentioning they all should dance to make her happy, she explains she knows her mother Radha is surely going to win, she looks to Mohan who also agrees that Radha is surely going to win, he even starts cheering for her seeing which both Damini and Kaveri are worried, he requests Damini to not let Radha win but is still then Damini replies that Radha is surely going to lose forever, Mohan is not able to understand anything and asks what did she mean by it, Kaveri with a smile on her face says that Damini was just joking. Mohan walks over to stand beside Radha, asking if anyone would also cheer for Damini.

Kaveri whispers to Damini that her work has been completed, she recalls how she went with a needle and managed to ruin the Payal which Radha is supposed to wear for the dance, as it is surely going to cause her to lose this dance competition, Damini then turns to look to the Kheer in which she has mixed the poison, after staring at Radha for a moment, Kaveri exclaims that Radha is surely going to die after having the Kheer with poison.

Dulari walks while holding the thali which contain both the sets of the Payal, she after staring at them also turns to Damini who picks one of them, she then starts cheering for her after which they both turn back. Dulari then goes to Radha who thanks her for bringing it, and then after praying sits down to wear both while Damini is also wearing them.

Radha after standing walks to pray in front, Damini is really furious seeing Radha so she also walks to pray with immense frustration, they both stare at each other.

The dance performance begins with both Radha and Damini starting the dance together, meanwhile the entire family is sitting watching them both. Radha and Damini are performing in the ritualists dance known as the Tandav rather than modern techniques, Gungun praises that Radha is doing very better Tandav, Mohan replies she does the same to his life each and every day. Kaveri smiles thinking her daughter is doing the better dance and even requests them all to cheer for her, Tulsi thinks she feels only Radha is going to win.

Kadambari is also smiling seeing them both dancing while they both are really performing with utmost attention, Mohan also feels a bit tensed but notices that Gungun is really enjoying, they both are fulfilling the performance, Kaveri notices that the Payal of Radha is falling apart and she thinks now Radha is going to fall, Mohan stands to help her but Kadambari stops him explaining they cannot stop the Tandav in between, Tulsi thinks that Mohan and Maa are both noticing Radha and she thinks she would see now one can ruin the plan, she then moves the pieces to Damini, Kaveri gets worried thinking that Tulsi has come to protect Radha.

Damini and Radha both are performing to their best of capabilities, when Damini falls after stepping on one of them petals, the entire family is shocked seeing that Damini has fallen meanwhile Radha is still completing the ritual, Mohan is just staring at her as she is still performing the Tandav.

Kaveri rushes to Damini whispering that Tulsi might have seen her ruin the Payal. Tulsi thinks that Kaveri would not use the right method, Kaveri mentions that now she feels Tulsi is really going to beat them, Tulsi replies today she would get a slap from the person whose noise she will hear the rest of her lives, Kaveri is moved close to Radha who slaps her, she is furious seeing it while everyone eels start clapping for Radha. Kaveri gets furious yelling at them to stop, she questions how Radha dared think of slapping her, she asks if Radha did not see the innocent widow, Radha replies she was busy but why did Kaveri come in between her performance or was it to force her to lose, Radha notices that Damini is sitting on the ground so exclaims that she has already lost, Mohan is a bit tensed. Radha replies that Kaveri is elder and since she slapped her so is apologizing for what happened during her performance, Kaveri is not moved, so Radha hugs her seeing which everyone is confused, Radha exclaims there is no need for her to apologize as she did not do anything on purpose but what Kaveri was trying to do everything on purpose which is why Tulsi pushed Kaveri close to her causing all this to happen as today is the day of Shiv jee, Kaveri is stunned. Damini stands p and is furious seeing Radha.

Damini slowly walks to Kaveri, she furiously stares at Radha who after correcting her dress walks away, Kaveri exclaims what is left of her reputation since before Tulsi would beat them in the room while now is using Radha to beat them, she exclaims that they should let Radha enjoy this accomplishment because this is going to be the first and last breakfast of Radha, she is not aware that Radha is able to hear to their conversation, Radha wonders why did Kaveri say this is going to be her last breakfast, she slowly starts walking to them both who start taking their step backwards, when the neighbors interfere exclaiming she did not know that Radha can also dance so well and so she is surely the best daughter in law. Kaveri asks if they have had enough of praising her, she asks if Radha does not want to break her fast so she should go and have the Kheer, Radha feels tensed wondering why is Kaveri being so nice to her.


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