Radha Mohan 13th April 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Mohan tells his and Tulsi’s love story to Radha. In the past, Damini tells herself that she can’t forget Mohan. She changes her makeover and goes to Mohan. Mohan asks her that what is all this. She asks him that how is she looking. He compliments her. He tells her that she need not to change herself for him because he like the way she is. He says that he can’t love Damini because he love Tulsi. Mohan tells Radha that how he rejected Damini. He says that he brought Tulsi to house.

In the past, Mohan introduces Tulsi to Kadambari. He tells his mother that he love Tulsi and he want to marry Tulsi. Kadambari accepts Tulsi and Mohan’s relationship. Kaveri comes there and reminds Kadambari that the latter promised that Mohan’s marriage will happen with Damini. She says that Damini is living with the hope that she will become Mohan’s wife. Mohan tells her that she can understand everything but he don’t love Damini so he can’t marry Damini. Kaveri says that she won’t let anyone break Damini’s heart. Mohan tells her that he love Tulsi.

Kaveri tries to attack Tulsi but Damini stops her mother. Damini says that only Mohan has rights to take decision about his life and nothing matters for her than Mohan’s happiness. She tells Kadambari to begin marriage preparations of Tulsi and Mohan. Kadambari apologizes to Damini for breaking her heart. Mohan tells Damini that she will be his best friend always and he will support her always. Damini congratulates Mohan and Tulsi.

Mohan tells Radha that Damini sacrificed her love for him and Tulsi. He says that his marriage day came. Damini says that she felt like she lost everything that day. In the past, Mohan and Tulsi gets married. Damini vows to end Mohan and Tulsi’s relationship.

Mohan says that he was happy with Tulsi and Tulsi won his family members heart. And he used to thank God every day for giving Tulsi to him. Tulsi says that she was lucky to get Mohan. She recalls the moments she shared with Mohan.

Mohan tells Radha that everything was going well but Tulsi started feeling that Damini is bad person. In the past, Mohan tells Tulsi to stop suspecting Damini. He says that he love Tulsi and no one can take her place in his heart. Radha thinks that Tulsi was right about Damini. Mohan tells her that Damini took whole responsibility of office so he could spend time with Tulsi. He says that Damini fulfilled the responsibility of good friend but Tulsi misunderstood Damini.

Radha thinks that Damini was just pretending to be good person. He tells her that they started fighting over Damini’s topic and Tulsi decided to leave the house but he stopped her somehow. He reveals that Tulsi become pregnant. He recalls that how he promised to protect Tulsi and their baby. Damini tells herself that Tulsi would have been alive if Mohan did not stop her that day then.

Episode ends.

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