Radha Mohan 11th April 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Radha realises that she can find out the secret in Damini’s room. She asks Damini that why Tulsi is not able to enter the latter’s room when there is no raksha kavach. And she asks Damini that what the latter is hiding in her room. Damini tells her that it’s not like that. Radha says that she will find out the truth and tries to barge into Damini’s room. Damini pushes Radha. She scolds her for trying to enter the room without her permission.

Employees comes there. Radha asks her to not create drama. Damini says that Radha got job by recommendation and now Radha trying to barge everywhere. She claims that employees worked hard to get job in this office and Radha can’t match their level. Tulsi tries to attack Damini but fails.

Damini says that Radha has talent of using her innocent face to marry an elder man. Radha tells her that the latter is crossing her limits. Damini says that Radha don’t even deserve maid job in this office. Employees taunts Radha for getting job due to recommendation. Kadambari comes there and asks that what’s happening.

On the other hand, Mohan brings four wheel cart. He says that Gungun planned surprise because it’s Radha’s first day at office. Kaveri asks him that what is the need of all this. Gungun tells her that surprises are common between hero and heroine. Kaveri tells her that Radha is villain. Gungun claims that Kaveri is villain. Ajeet says that he never thought Mohan can become romantic for Radha. Everyone becomes silent. Gungun says that Ajeet is right. That’s why Mohan’s cheeks becomes red. She claims that Radha and Mohan love each other. Mohan goes inside. Kaveri tells herself that she has to end Mohan and Radha’s love story, before it begins.

Kadambari scolds employees for not working. Employees goes to their seats. Kadambari notices the broken vase. Damini tells Kadambari that Radha tried to barge into her room. Radha accepts that she tried that. Kadambari asks Radha that why the latter did like that. Radha thinks that Kadambari did not believe her in locker matter so she can’t tell that she came to office for Tulsi’s sake. She lies that she wanted pen. Kadambari tells Radha to leave from there. Damini says that Radha should apologize to her. Radha apologizes to Damini. Damini asks her not repeat the mistake. Kadambari tells Radha to pack her things because it’s time to return to house.

Kadambari enters Damini’s room. She asks her to not treat Radha like this and leaves from there. Damini says that she will make sure Radha ends up like Tulsi. Meanwhile, Radha cries recalling the insults she faced. Tulsi tells Radha that the latter should not have arrived to office. She says that she lost everything even though she had Mohan’s support. And Radha can’t do anything alone. She promises to punish Damini.

Episode ends.

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