Radha Mohan 10th April 2023 2023 Written Update: Damini gets beaten up by Tulsi

The Episode starts with Shikha telling Damini that fan matter is too much. She says they want to throw Radha out of office, don’t want to kill her. Damini tells them that at least Nikhil tried. She asks Nikhil to keep an eye on Radha and leaves the cabin. She tells herself that it would have been better if Radha had died.

Tulsi pulls Damini’s hair. She recalls how Damini and other employees insulted Radha. Shikha asks Damini if Damini is fine. Damini tells him that she twisted her neck. Tulsi continuously slaps Damini. Rohan tells Shikha that it looks like someone is slapping Damini. Tulsi listens. She says that she cannot beat Damini in front of everyone and takes Damini from there. He pushed Damini and assaulted her. Damini tells Tulsi that she will not leave Radha.

Mohan called the office. Gayatri picks up the phone and tells him that her voice definitely sounds familiar. He tells her that he wants to talk to Radha. She gives the phone to Radha. Mohan asks Radha if she is fine. He says that he felt as if he was in danger. She recalls how everyone insulted her. He asks her if Damini did anything. He notices Damini and she takes Tulsi’s name. She hangs up saying to talk later.

Tulsi tells Damini that she will not leave her today. Radha comes there and asks Tulsi to stop it. Tulsi tells Radha that the latter could have died today. Radha asks him to calm down. Damini thinks that Tulsi will not beat her in front of others and leaves from there.

Mohan wonders why Radha took Tulsi’s name. He recalls how Tulsi said that she does not know what is happening in the office. Tulsi assures her that she will take care of herself and leaves for office. He asks why did Radha go to office suddenly.

Damini runs towards her cabin. Tulsi throws the vase towards Damini. Damini enters her cabin and sees the vase. He learns that Tulsi cannot enter his cabin. She thinks why Tulsi can’t come to her cabin when there is no Raksha Kavach. Radha also saw it. The vase breaks. Everyone comes there after hearing the noise. Damini pretends like she broke the vase and she sends them away. Radha learns that Tulsi cannot enter Damini’s cabin. She tells herself that looks like she can get answers to her questions in Damini’s room.

Mohan tells Tulsi that he cannot lose Radha. Gungun tells her that she misses Radha. She says Radha loves him so she does a lot for him. And today when Radha will come back she will be tired then they should surprise Radha. She gets an idea and leaves from there. Mohan tells himself that he should not have allowed Radha to join the office.

Episode ends.

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