Rabb Se Hai Dua: Dua takes a stand for herself

MUMBAI:  This episode starts with Dua insulting Heena while Heena tells her to leave but Dua says if I want to go then I would have left earlier after giving divorce to your son for betraying me. But why should I leave ? This house is because of my abbu . If anyone has rights on this then it is me. Haider used to sell clothes at the age of 15, my dad taught him the business. I made this house a home. You were never free to take care of your child. You used to say proudly that Haider took care of Noor, Kaynaat & Ruhaan like a father. But I never saw my motherhood for them. Heena tells everyone look what she’s saying about our house, why are you all quiet ? Rahat tells her it’s better if you also shut up. Gazal tells Haider to speak up and he does nothing. Heena goes to him but again he says nothing because he’s ashamed of what he did.

Dua says my relationship with Haider ended the day he thought of marrying Gazal . He’s not my husband anymore. Dua says just wait & watch how your new daughter in law will insult you and Haider will say nothing. He has seen you all your life crying for your husband and today you’re laughing at me. What do you think he’ll feel for you ? Look at him, he’s ashamed of you . Heena taunts Hamida and tells you we were saying about my Haider now what about your daughter? To which Dua gives counter back. You told me this dupatta on the head is to respect elders but I never had that thought. I always thought respect comes from the heart  but to respect you I kept this dupatta on my head to respect you. But today you lost all the respect so from today I won’t be keeping this dupatta on my head. Hamida tells dhol walas to play dhol. Hafiz is happy too, both are supporting Dua. Gazal comes near Dua & says how dare you insult my Haider ? Dua says your Haider ? I loved him always but he’s still not mine and you think he’ll be yours ? From today onwards Haider is yours, his family, his everything is yours.

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