Rabb Se Hai Dua 8th April 2023 Written Update

Dua decides to inform Hina that she is going to tell her secret to Haider. Haider tells Gazal that he is feeling ashamed and asks forgiveness from her on behalf of Dua and Ruhan. Gazal asks him to not ask for forgiveness as he has no fault in all these. Haider says that there might be fault in his parenting and love. He says that he is ready to pay any price. Gazal thinks that she was waiting for this moment only. Gazal says that none will marry her atleast Ruhan won’t. Gazal says that she has two option, either she will die or Haider has to marry her. Haider asks Gazal how can she even think about it.

Gazal wonders what to say now. Gazal says that she said it to Ruhan multiple times but he didn’t listen to her. She asks Haider to convince Ruhan to not break the relationship. Haider asks Gazal why she still wants to marry Ruhan after what he did to her. He says that Ruhan deserves none. He says that he will not let Gazal destroy her life. Dua spots Hina and hopes that she will forgive her for revealing her secret. Dua approaches Hina. Hina says that Dua has her permission in anything and everything related to Ruhan and Gazal’s marriage. She tells Hina that she wants to inform Haider about the secret of Gazal mom’s death.

Hina asks Dua if she has gone mad. She feels apprehensive recalling the incident. Dua says that Gazal is their family’s enemy, she has to disclose the secret to save the family from her. Hina asks her why she agreed for the marriage earlier. Dua says that she agreed back then for the sake of her family’s happiness. She says what Gazal did. Hina asked Dua why did she created the dramma. Dua says that she did it to expose Gazal. She says that Gazal is taking advantage of Haider’s goodness and Ruhan’s love.

She says it’s very important to inform the truth to Haider otherwise Gazal will destroy all of their lives. She says that Gazal is pretending to be good. She says that Gazal hates Dua as Akhtar family chose her for Haider. She says that Gazal seeks revenge against her family. She also says that nothing good happened to Akhtar family since Gazal entered the house. She asks Hina to forgive her as she is going to tell the truth to Haider. Dua gears up to leave. Hina slow claps for her. She says that Dua has played her game well.

She acknowledges Dua’s hatred for Gazal. Gazal tells Haider that she will be finished if Ruhan doesn’t marry her. She says that she has no other option. She asks Haider to convince Ruhan. She plays her woman card infront of Haider. She says that she has many dreams but Dua has destroyed everything. She begs Haider to get her married to Ruhan. She says that she has to die otherwise and her parents wont get peace at heaven.

The episode ends.

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