Rabb Se Hai Dua 7th April 2023 Written Update

In today’s episode, Haider says that Ruhan can’t do this. He says that Gazal is lying. He calls Ruhaan his pride and asks her to not put such accusations against him as according to him Ruhan Knows how to respect girls. He says that Ruhan can never do anything like this with his love. Gazal asks Haider to come out of his delusion. She again says that Ruhan bit her. Haider again refuses to accept it. Dua wonders about Haider’s whereabouts. She worries thinking if he is with Gazal in her room. Gazal decides to level up to convince Haider.

Gazal cries and says that she has shared everything with Haider because he is a good human being who never supports anything wrong. She informs Haider that Ruhan criticizes and toungelashes him. She also says that according to Ruhan, Haider has eyes on his would be wife Gazal. Haider says that Gazal is lying. He refuses to believe in her words. Gazal says that Haider has blind faith in Ruhan. She asks Haider why Ruhan will punish her without any reason. Dua says once the misunderstanding between Haider and Ruhan gets over, she will kick Gazal out of the house.

Dua goes to enter the room. Gulnaaz stops her and asks her to accompany her. Gulnaaz cries and hugs Dua. Flashback shows that Gazal asked Gulnaaz to stop Ruhan or Dua from entering the room when she will be with Haider. She threatened to marry Ruhan and spoil Gulnaaz’s life otherwise. Gulnaaz takes Dua away. Gazal says that Ruhan has broken her heart, she doesn’t want to live after the insult. She takes a knife. Haider tries to stop her. Gazal says that according to Ruhan she has illegal affair with Haider. She says that her respect is the most precious thing for her and she can’t live after losing it.

Haider says that there is a way. Gulnaaz cries and requests Dua to save Ruhan from the wedding. Dua says that she knows what to do to stop the marriage. She says that Gazal herself gave her the solution. Gulnaaz feels bad for Dua but finds herself helpless as Ruhan’s mother. Haider says that he is finding it difficult to believe that Ruhan can behave like this with Gazal. He beats his hand in frustration. Haider says that Ruhan will get punished for beating Gazal. He compares Ruhan with Devil and says that he has lost Haider today. Gazal becomes happy. He says that Ruhan can no longer stay in the house. He calls at police station. He tries to file police complaint against Ruhan. Gazal stops him. Haider questions her.

Haider says that Ruhan should get punished for disrespecting and beating an woman. Gazal says that Dua should get punished before Ruhan. She says that it’s Dua who instigated Ruhan against her and told him that they have illegal affair. Dua tells Gulnaaz that Gazal can never separate Haider and Ruhan. She says that she will share Hina’s secret with Haider. Gulnaaz says that Hina will go against Dua. Dua says that she can do anything to protect Ruhan and the house. Gulnaaz feels sorry and regrets for helping Gazal. Haider tells Gazal that Gulnaaz has brainwashed Dua. Gazal hugs Haider and cries. Someone records their video.

The episode ends.

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