Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th March 2023 Written Update: Gazal’s shameless act

In today’s episode, Hina asks everyone to kickstart the Haldi ubtan ceremony. Flashback shows that Gazal has spiked the haldi. Hina applies haldi on her face. Gazal screams. Hina goes to reapply the haldi. Gazal pushes her away. The haldi uptan bown drops on the ground. Everyone gets shocked. Gazal says that she can’t apply it on her face as it will give her cuts. She says that someone has mixed glass particles in the haldi. Hina says it’s impossible as Dua herself has prepared the haldi.

Gazal says it means Dua has mixed glass particles in her haldi. Haider asks her to not accuse Dua without any reason. Gazal says that she is just questioning Dua. Dua asks him to not say anything to Gazal. She takes some haldi uptan in her hand and applies it on her face. She claims that the haldi is absolutely safe. Gazal wonders how is this possible. Dua applies her haldi on Haider too. Haider likes the haldi and Dua’s touch. Dua says that she won’t trouble Haider to torture Gazal. Gazal feels that someone has changed the haldi ubtan bowl.

Gulnaaz applies some haldi on her hand and calls it smooth like silk. Gulnaaz winks at Dua. Gazal sees it. Flashback shows that Gulnaaz spotted Gazal while spiking the haldi. She then secretly entered the kitchen and replaced the haldi bowl. Gazal understands Gulnaaz’s ploy. Hina asks Gazal to apologise to Dua. Gazal asks Dua to forgive her as she was mistaken. Dua says it’s fine and asks her to share a hug. She hugs Gazal and says that Haider is coloured in her colour.

Guests congratulate Dua for performing the haldi ceremony before Ruhan and Gazal. Hina says that applying ubtan increases the love between couples. Others say mashaallah. Dua and Haider blush. Dua prays to God to show her a path to stop the marriage. Gazal grows determined to get Haider by hook or by crook. She calls Dua. Dua turns. Gazal tries to approach her and delibarety falls on Haider. Dua gets shocked. Gazal applies haldi on Haider’s cheeks. Guests see the incident and says it will increase the bond between brother in law and sister in law.

They tease Ruhan. Ruhan feels insecure. Hina asks everyone to leave all these and start the haldi ubtan ceremony now. Dua thinks that God will never forgive Gazal for her deeds. Hina, Rahat apply haldi ubtan on Gazal and Ruhan. Gulnaaz applies haldi on Ruhan. She goes to apply on Gazal. Gazal hugs Gulnaaz and says that she knows that Gulnaaz has replaced the haldi. She says that she will kick Gulnaaz out of the house post her marriage with Haider.

Dua applies haldi on both. Gazal hugs Dua too and irks Dua by taking Haider’s name. Haider applies haldi on Ruhan. He goes to apply on Gazal. Ruhan loses his patience and tries to leave. Hina stops him. Qainat suggests Dua to expose Gazal. Dua says that they can’t do it. She says that only Ruhan can do anything.

The episode ends.

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