Rabb Se Hai Dua 24th March 2023 Written Update: Gulnaaz blames Gazal

In today’s episode, Haider takes Dua to the kitchen. They see that Hina is preparing something there. Haider informs Dua that Hina is very happy today. She gives the dish to Rahat. Dua, Haider become happy seeing Rahat and Hina’s togetherness and happiness. They become emotional thinking about Hina’s happiness. They share a hug. Haider says that he feels his father is back finally. Dua agrees. Haider gives credit to Dua for everything. He cries. Dua also cries, wipes his tears and asks Haider to not cry. Haider decides to be happy. He takes Dua to their room.

Gazal sees them. He plays Gulabo on his phone and dances for Dua. Dua enjoys his performance and joins him. Gazal gets jelous thinking how can her Haider comes so close to Dua. She says that she won’t let this happen and spots a burning candle. She puts fire on the curtains. Haider, Dua get intimate. Dua notices fire in their room and screams. Haider tries to protect Dua from the fire. Dua notices Gazal and takes her name. Haider also sees Gazal. He asks Gazal to not stand like a statue but call others for help. Gazal calls everyone there. They all freak out seeing the fire.

Haider warns none to come inside. Gulnaaz also comes there. She looks at Gazal and gets doubtful. She feels that none can do this except Gazal. Dua feels suffocated and coughs. Haider says that they have to help themselves. He gears up to do something. Dua and Gazal notice that Haider is about to get burnt. Dua saves Haider. Gazal becomes restless. Ruhan gets doubtful seeing Gazal’s extra care for Haider. Ruhan and others go to get buckets of water. Dua cries being scared. Haider brings wer towels from the washroom. Others stop the fire using fire extinguisher.

Haider wraps the towels around him and Dua. They come out. Hina thanks God for keeping Haider and Dua safe throughout. Gazal hugs Haider and thanks God for saving him. Everyone gets stunned. Gazal hugs Dua aswell to control the damage. Dua says that none can harm her and Haider when they are with each other. Rahat asks Haider how all these happened. Haider explains everything that took place infront of his eyes. Hina asks Gazal if she knows anything. Haider asks Gazal what she was doing outside the window of their room.

Gazal gets speechless. Gazal says that she has lost her senses seeing the fire all of a sudden. Dua calls it normal human behaviour. Gazal shows the burning candle and blames air for the fire. Gulnaaz calls Gazal a liar in her mind. Dua supports Gazal’s claim. Hina mentions about Mumtaz. Dua says that Mumtaz would never let this happen. Hina thanks God. Gulnaaz says that the fire has not ceased yet. Everyone gets stunned. Gulnaaz says that Gazal will put the real fire soon. Hina asks her to stop. Hina warns everyone to not utter a single word against Gazal. Gulnaaz compares Gazal with poison and leaves. Dua looks at Gazal. Gazal plans to do something drastic during her haldi ceremony.

The episode ends.

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