Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Gazal ends her friendship with Gulnaaz

In today’s episode, Rahat packs his luggage. Gulnaaz cries and says that she is innocent, that Gazal has framed her. She says that she won’t let Rahat leave her. She asks him what he wants. Rahat says Talak. Gulnaaz is in disbelief. She cries and says no. Rahat says that Gulnaaz has ruined everything. He says that Gulnaaz is just the mother of Ruhan and Noor as he refuses to accept his relation with her. He says that Gulnaaz is dead for her. Gulnaaz begs for one last chance.

Rahat doesn’t listen. He pushes away Gulnaaz and leaves the room. Rahat goes to Hina’s room and wishes to reside there hereafter. Hina accepts him whole heartedly. Gulnaaz sees it. Rahat sees that there is a kurta on the bed beside Hina’s side. He enquires about it. Hina says that the kurta belongs to Rahat she always kept it there since their separation with the hope that Rahat will return to her one day. Rahat gets emotional. They share a hug.

Gulnaaz feels defeated and cries over her fate. Qainat tells Dua though Gulnaaz is wrong still she didn’t like whatever happened to her today. Dua says that Gulnaaz deserved it for supporting Gazal throughout. She says that she is feeling bad for Ruhan only. She cries holding Dadi and wonders what will happen to Ruhaan when he will learn Gazal’s truth. Dua sees that someone is on the door. She changes the topic smartly. She goes to check but get shocked after finding Ravi.

Gulnaaz keeps crying. Gazal approaches her. Gulnaaz toungelashes her. Ravi feels sorry for not being able to record Gazal’s confession. Ravi apologies to her. Dua says it normal to make mistakes. Ravi says that Gazal is weak as Gulnaaz is against her now. He proposes to include Gulnaaz in their team. He feels that Gulnaaz can help them in exposing Gazal infront of everyone. Qainat calls it a good idea. Dua says that Gulnaaz is of no use to them as none will believe her after today neither Rahat nor Noor, Ruhan.

Gulnaaz loses her cool and attack Gazal by throwing flowers vases at her. She says that she regrets for supporting Gazal throughout. She says that she has lost Rahat and her children today only because of Gazal. She calls her Dayan. Gazal says that she had no other option than framing Gulnaaz as Dua had framed her. Gulnaaz refuses to believe her and says that she is lying. She goes agreesive. She slaps Gazal nonstop. She says that she won’t spare her today.

Gazal manges to escape from her clutches. She calls Gulnaaz useless and says that she should leave the house now. She says that she doesn’t need Gulnaaz anymore and claims that they are not friends after today. She says that if Gulnaaz tries to expose her further it will be of no use as none will believe her. Dua says that they have to do something to stop the wedding. Haider comes there and thinks that they are planning for the wedding. He takes Dua with him. Gulnaaz curses Gazal. She decides to not spare Gazal.

The episode ends.

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