Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st March 2023 Written Update: Gazal turns Akhtar family against Gulnaaz

In today’s episode, Hina criticizes Gulnaaz for stooping so low. Haider wishes to question Gazal. He questions her about the gold earrings which was found earlier. Gazal says it was also Gulnaaz’s deed. Gulnaaz says that Gazal is lying. Haider criticizes her for accusing Dua earlier. Gulnaaz asks Haider to watch his words and complains about him to Rahat. Rahat remains silent. Gulnaaz approaches Ruhan next. She says that she is innocent and asks Ruhan to believe her. Ruhan says that the truth will come out soon. He goes out of the room.

Gazal wonders what Ruhaan is upto doing. Dua hopes for Ruhaan to get any evidence against Gazal and Gulnaaz. Ruhan goes to check Gulnaaz’s room. Gulnaaz asks Gazal why she is doing this to her when she supported her always. Ruhan brings a bottle of blood and calls it an evidence against Gulnaaz. Gulnaaz says that it was given to her by Gazal to keep at Dua’s room later. Gazal denies. She says it’s all done by Gulnaaz to kick her out of the house and frame Dua. She also says that Gulnaaz gave her the cut in her ring finger so that she can’t get engaged to Ruhan.

Gulnaaz gets shocked. Ruhan slams her. Gulnaaz cries. Gazal blames Gulnaaz for Noor’s accident. Gulnaaz loses her calm and tries to choke Gazal. Others separate her. Gazal says that Gulnaaz’s target was Dua but poor Noor became the victim. Gulnaaz gives Hina’s swear and says it was all done by Gazal. Hina warns her to not give her false swear. Gulnaaz requests Hina to believe her. Noor shows her disappointment towards Gulnaaz for causing her accident earlier. She asks Gulnaaz to not come near her and hugs Hina. Gulnaaz cries.

Gulnaaz says that Akhar family will regret for trusting Gazal and says that Gazal is fooling the entire family. She reveals that it was Gazal who pushed Dadi off the stairs, made Hina slip and injured, kicked Mumtaz out of the house. She says that Gazal has come to destroy the Akhtar family. Rahat slaps Gulnaaz. She falls on the couch. Qainat asks Dua why Rahat stopped Gulnaaz as she was exposing Gazal. Dua asks her to keep quiet. Rahat warns Gulnaaz to not utter a single word more. He says that he regrets for marrying Gulnaaz. He says that he will rectify his mistake today. He says that Gulnaaz can’t stay at his house anymore.

Gulnaaz requests Ruhan and Noor to stop Rahat but in vain. Rahat pushes Gulnaaz away and asks her to leave the house. Gulnaaz curses Gazal. Hina stops Rahat and says that they can’t kick Gulnaaz out. Rahat opposes her. Hina says that Rahat made mistakes too but none kicked her out as we tend to forgive our near and dear ones for their mistakes. Rahat goes to say something. Hina asks him to not say anything else. Rahat asks Gulnaaz to look at Hina’s greatness and learn something from her. Gazal looks at Dua. Dua thinks that Hina has saved Gulnaaz today but none can save Gazal in future.

The episode ends.

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