Rabb Se Hai Dua 1st April 2023 Written Update

In today’s episode, Dua says that she was equally shocked when she learned Gazal’s truth. Haider says that he is just a friend and Ruhan’s brother for Gazal. Mehendi artist asks Gazal what’s the full name of the groom. Gazal remembers the moments she spent with Haider and says Haider Akhtar. Everyone gets shocked. Hina questions Gazal. Gazal cleverly changes the topic. Hina asks Mehendi artist to write Ruhan Akhtar. Gazal stops her from writing Ruhan’s name on her hand. Dua asks Haider to believe in her words. Haider refuses.

Gulnaaz comes there and says that Dua is telling the truth only. She says that Gazal is playing game with Ruhan as her aim is Haider. Dua tells Haider that Gulnaaz can’t lie about Ruhan. Haider says that Gulnaaz might brainwashed Dua that’s why she is talking like this all of a sudden. He criticizes Gulnaaz. He questions Dua for trusting Gulnaaz after whatever she did till date. Dua tries to raise objection. Haider doesn’t listen. Gulnaaz asks him to save Ruhan’s life. Haider asks Gulnaaz to stop. Haider says that the marriage will take place at any cost. He warns Gulnaaz to not snatch his family’s happiness again.

He says that he won’t spare anyone who will come in between his family’s happiness. Dua cries and asks Haider if he doesn’t trust her a bit. Haider says that he trusts Dua but not Gulnaaz. Dua says that Gazal has reason to do whatever she is doing. Haider asks her to not stop the marriage. Haider says that he doesn’t want to hear anything and asks Dua to stop. Haider leaves the room. Dua cries. Hina questions Gazal. She asks if she doesn’t want to write Ruhan’s name on her hand. Gazal says that she wants Dua to write Ruhan’s name on her hand. Hina becomes happy and calls her second Dua.

She compares Gazal with Dua. Gazal thinks that she will get Haider’s name written on her hand. Gulnaaz tells Dua that they have to do something. Dua says that she can’t forgive herself if Ruhan and Gazal get married. Hina gears up to go to Dua’s room and call her. Gulnaaz hugs Dua and acknowledges her love for Ruhan. She asks Dua to forgive her. Dua says that they will stop the marriage at any cost. Gulnaaz blesses Dua. Hina comes there and spots them. Gulnaaz goes to say something. Hina asks her to stop.

Hina informs Dua about Gazal’s wish. Gulnaaz asks Hina to listen to Dua’s words. Hina asks her to come downstairs. She holds Dua’s hand and brings her downstairs. Dua screams that she wants to talk. Haider comes there. Dua gets relieved thinking that Haider got convinced now he himself will reveal Gazal’s truth and stop the marriage. Haider says that he and Dua had an argument but now everything is fine. Dua goes to object. Haider gives her swear and shuts her up. Hina asks Dua to make Gazal wear mehendi. Gazal asks Dua to write Haider’s name on her hand.

The episode ends.

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