Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th March 2023 Written Update: Hina, Ruhaan get doubtful

In today’s episode, Dua calls Gazal stupid for considering others stupid. She says that she is aware of Gazal’s plan already. Dua reveals that she has many spies and Gazal is not safe neither inside nor outside the house. She informs Gazal that Qainat heard her and Gulnaaz’s conversation secretly. Ravi comes there riding his bike. Gulnaaz blames Dua. Haider warns her to watch her words. Gulnaaz says that Dua might be acting so far. Ruhan criticizes Gulnaaz for doubting Dua. Hina tells Gulnaaz that Dua single handedly did all the preparations of the engagement she can’t do it.

Gulnaaz doesn’t hear anything and keep accusing Dua of Gazal’s missing. Hina worries if their enemies are behind all these. They all doubt Iqbal. Hina prays for Gazal and Dua’s safety. Guests start gossiping. Gazal says it’s not easy to beat her. She says that none can save Dua from her. Haider calls someone and learns that Iqbal is not behind all these. Hina prays for her daughters. She feels sick. Gulnaaz comforts her and asks her to take rest. She sends Noor to Dua’s room to bring medicine for Hina. She starts countdown.

Noor screams from Dua’s room. Everyone gets stunned and goes to check. Noor shows a earring to everyone which is covered with blood. Ruhan checks it and realises that it’s the same earring which he gifted Gazal earlier. Gulnaaz again accuses Dua. She says that there is no other enemy of Gazal in the house except Dua. Haider questions her for doubting Dua who tried to unite Ruhan and Gazal. Haider asks Ruhan to make Gulnaaz understand his point. Ruhan looks confused and emotional. Haider then looks at Hina. Hina stands silent.

Gazal tells Dua that she will prove that Dua tried to kill her and send Dua and Ravi to the jail. Haider tells everyone that Dua is also missing with Gazal and questions them for doubting Dua. Gulnaaz mocks him for trusting Dua way too much. Haider says that he can’t stand all these accusations against his Dua which has no base. He announces that he himself will call the police.

Gulnaaz thinks in that case Haider will himself do all the arrangements for Dua to go behind the bars. Gazal tells Dua that she will manipulate Ruhan like always, Haider will be upset and heartbroken when Dua won’t be around him. She asks Dua to not worry for Haider as she promises to comfort Haider with her love, make him forget about Dua and marry him eventually.

Dua threatens Gazal. She looks at Ravi being helpless. Ravi gives a mischievous smile. Dua laughs. Gazal gets clueless. Dua says that she is laughing on Gazal’s stupidity. She tells her that finally she has proof against Gazal. She shows Gazal a camera which is attached to Ravi’s bike. She informs Gazal that everything is recorded now. Gazal breaks the camera and smiles. Dua appears helpless. Then she and Ravi laugh again. Dua calls Gazal stupid again. She says that the video already got saved in their phones through Bluetooth.

The episode ends.

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