Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th March 2023 Written Update: Worrying news for Akhtar family

In today’s episode, Haider helps Dua to doll up for Ruhaan and Gazal’s engagement. He compares Dua with Moon. He calls himself lucky and becomes romantic with her. Dua says that she wants Haider as her husband in her every birth. They share a hug. Gazal gets ready. Ruhaan comes to her room. He gets mesmerized seeing Gazal and praises her beauty. He offers jhumka to Gazal as his first gift for her. Gazal tells him that this engagement won’t take place. Ruhan gets speechless. She shows her ring finger to him and says that she got a cut in it. She gears up to approach Hina and asks her to to cancel the engagement.

Ruhaan stops her. He asks Gazal if she doesn’t want to marry him and giving excuses. He feels that Gazal is not happy about the marriage. He asks Gazal to speak up and says why he can’t see any effort from Gazal’s end, is she even interested in marrying him. Dua comes there. She lashes out at Ruhaan for doubting Gazal’s love for him when she expressed her feelings for him infront of whole family loud and clear. She asks Ruhaan to learn from Haider as he supported her when everyone went against her. Gazal thinks that Dua is upto something. Ruhan says that he can’t see much efforts from Gazal’s side. Dua says that Gazal loves him way too much and asks him to confirm it by checking her ring finger.

Dua removes the bandage and sees that there is no cut in her finger. Dua turns to show it to Ruhaan. Gazal uses the opportunity and cuts her ring finger in order to save herself. Ruhan grows concerned and goes to apply the bandage again. Dua calls Gazal stupid for not doing it earlier. Ruhan asks Dua if they have to cancel the engagement as engagement ring is worn in ring finger only. Dua says no need as Ruhaan and Gazal’s heart are already connected to each other. Ruhan thanks Dua and calls her his bestfriend. He hugs Dua.

Dua gives both her blessings and asks them to come downstairs. Dua thinks that her first plan to beat Gazal is ready. Rahat, Hina wait for Dua, Gazal. Noor comes there and informs them that both Dua and Gazal are not in their rooms. Rahat says that they must be nearby. Noor says no. Hina feels apprehensive and prays to God for mercy. Dadi gets restless. Rahat orders Haider and Ruhan to search Dua and Gazal. Ruhan calls Gazal but fails to connect her. They go to Gazal’s room and sees that whole room has become a mess.

Gazal messages Gulnaaz and says that first plan has worked and asks her to prepare for their next plan. Gulnaaz gives an evil smile. Gulnaaz asks Gazal about Dua’s whereabouts and if she has kidnapped Dua. Gazal thinks that she didn’t do anything to Dua. Gulnaaz drops Gazal’s jewlery in Dua’s room to frame her. Gazal sees that a car is following her and tries to run away. She falls on the road. Dua comes out of the car. Gazal gets shocked. Dua says that she is feeling bad for Gazal. She compares Gazal with dust and says that she can’t be a daughter in law of Akhtar family.

The episode ends.

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