Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th April 2023 Written Update

In today’s episode, Haider closes the door and comes outside. Dua tells him that he is doing wrong. Haider tells that Ruhan won’t come out this room until the marriage takes place. Dua asks him if he will force Ruhan. Haider says it’s important. He can tolorate anything but can’t let innocent Gazal suffer because of Ruhan. Dua says that Gazal is taking advantage of Haider’s goodness. Haider says that he knows everything better than Dua. Dua tries to stop her. Haider holds her hands. Hina takes Dua to a side. Dua asks Hina to let her disclose the secret.

Hina says that her secret will remain with her till the end. She says that she won’t let Dua spoil the happiness of the house. Dua asks Hina to bash her as much as she wants as her God knows what she is doing and why. Dua leaves. Hina asks her to not do anything. Hina thinks that she knows Dua’s real face now and she will never forgive her. Gazal shows Hina’s condition to Gulnaaz and warns her to not change sides again. She threatens to kill her and leaves. Gulnaaz asks God to forgive her. She thinks that Dua can never win against devil Gazal. Haider sits in car and drives away.

Dua fails to stop him and falls on the ground. Gazal comes there and mocks her. She says that soon she will marry Haider. Dua warns her to stay in her limits. Gazal asks Dua to sheds tears and leaves. Dua thinks that she has only one option now. Haider goes to Dargah to offer his prayers. He prays for Ruhan and Gazal. Dua calls him. He doesn’t pick up her calls. He fears that he may say something to Dua in the hit of the moment for which he has to regret throughout his life. Dua hopes that Haider will listen to her and asks God to help her.

Hina comes there and says that none will come to help her. Dua says that she can take that but not the destruction of Akhtar family. Hina asks her to stop. She threatens to curse Dua for hurting the mother in her. She says that Dua will destroy her own house while trying to spoil Gazal’s happiness. Dua cries and asks her to not say all these. Hina says that Dua deserves this for shuttering all her hopes. She says that God will surely punish Dua for her deeds. Hina leaves.

Dua sits on the floor. She cries and says that she doesn’t want to destroy the house. Gazal smells Haider’s kurta and thinks about him. She dreams about a happy life with Haider post marriage. She thinks about Ruhan’s true love for her and laughs. She hugs the kurta and falls asleep. Hina goes to her room and prays for Ruhan and Gazal’s marriage. Gulnaaz asks God to save Ruhan from the marriage. Dua recalls Haider’s words and cries. Ruhan thinks about Gazal, Haider and gets restless. Haider thinks about Hina’s happiness and says that she won’t let anyone snatch it.

The episode ends.

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