Rabb Se Hai Dua 10th April 2023 Written Update: Haider blames To Dua

Ruhaan decides to leave the Akhtar house. Haider stops her and asks if she is not ashamed. Ruhaan says it is Haider who should be ashamed and not him. He claims that Haider is having an illicit relationship with his future wife. Haider remembers the words of Ghazal. He says that Ruhaan has lost his senses. Ruhaan says Haider doesn’t matter to him. He refuses to acknowledge any connection with Haider. He asks Haider not to touch her. Haider slaps him. Ruhaan also hits her back. Haider questions him for raising his hand on her. Haider says that he cannot be her Rohaan.

Ruhan asks her to stop her drama. He says he knows everything about Haider and Ghazal. Haider asks him to stop his nonsense. He kills her. Ruhaan asks her to leave. Haider asks her to come inside and have a conversation. Ruhaan says that Haider is not a human but an animal. He says that he is leaving home forever and asks Haider to continue his affair with Ghazal. Haider beats Ruhaan again. He says Ruhaan can’t go anywhere and he has to marry Ghazal no matter what. Ruhaan patted Haider on the back.

Dua comes there and gets shocked. She tries to separate the two. Haider asks Dua if she is happy now. He blames Dua for Ruhaan’s behaviour. Dua cries. Ghazal comes there and gets happy. Ruhaan tries to leave. Haider stops him and says that he cannot go anywhere. He says that he cannot forget what Ruhaan did to Ghazal. Ruhaan thinks Haider is talking about him throwing Ghazal out of her room. He says that he did the right thing. Haider slaps him again. Dua gets shocked. Ruhaan blames Haider for his condition.

Haider thrashes Ruhaan and asks not to take his name. Dua asks Haider to stop. Haider keeps on beating Ruhaan. He accuses Dua of instigating Ruhaan against him and Ghazal. He says that Dua has separated the two brothers for life. Ruhaan faints. Dua says she didn’t do anything. Haider asks her to shut up. He tries to wake up Ruhaan. Dua cries and says Ghazal is behind everything. Ghazal fears that Dua might reveal the secret of her mother’s death to Haider. Dua tells Haider that Ghazal has a reason for whatever she is doing right now. She goes on to say

Haider asks her to stop. He blames Dua for the current state of his house. Dua asks him to listen to her for once. Haider warns her to keep quiet else he might say something harsh. Dua cries. Haider takes the unconscious Ruhaan inside. Ghazal held his hand. She says Haider will not see Dua, it is made for Ghazal, he will listen whatever she says. Ghazal says it was just a trailer, vowing to make every member of the Akhtar family cry except Haider.

Haider takes care of the unconscious Ruhaan. He says he will listen to Ruhaan’s complaints after marriage. He leaves the room. Dua tells Ghazal that she will not let him succeed but will tell the truth to Haider. She says that Haider is helping Ghazal as he is a good person. She says that if Haider learns the truth about Ghazal, he will not spare her. Dua leaves. Ghazal says that Dua cannot stop her.

The episode ends.

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