Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 7th April 2023 Written Update

Mandeep asks Ravi to take the pheras. Kavya forces Ravi. Ravi keeps looking at Pratiksha. Ravi remembers his and Pratiksha’s pheras. Kavya, Ravi takes the pheras. Pandit asks Ravi to put sindoor on Kavya. Ravi goes to make Kavya wear sindoor. Pratiksha comes out of the barricades and throws away the sindoor from Ravi’s hand. She asks Ravi to look at her sindoor. Kavya lashes out at her. Pratiksha says that she is already married to Ravi unlike Kavya. She stands by Ravi and calls them perfect couple.

Mandeep tries to remove Pratiksha. Ravi says that Pratiksha is right, he is legally married to her. He tells Kavya that he can’t marry her. Kavya cries. Pratiksha comes out of his imagination and sees that Ravi and Kavya are sitting for the marriage. She says that she will stop the marriage. Manvi shuts her mouth and takes her in corner. Flashback shows that Manvi spotted her while entering the venue. Manvi’s men try to hide Pratiksha in a room. Hansa asks Pratik to have food. Pratik says that he wants Pratiksha not food.

Manvi’s men hides Pratiksha under the bed. Mandeep comes there and questions Manvi. Manvi gives excuses. Beeji stumbles and falls on the floor. Ravi goes to help her. Kavya gets irked. Ravi says that he will go and bring medicine from room. Kavya tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen. Dolly tries to irritate Kavya. Kavya gross worried. Pratiksha comes back to her senses and tries to escape from the two. Manvi’s men make her smell chloroform and make her fall unconscious again. They try to relocate Pratiksha wrapping her in a carpet.

They collide with Ravi and Ravi feels weird. He stops them and questions them. He gets doubtful. They manage the situation well and try to leave. Ravi again stops them. Harneet lashes out at Dolly for making Kavya irritated on her marriage day. Kavya worries thinking what if Ravi abondon her again. Harneet tries to comfort her. Kavya tells Harneet how much Ravi matters to her but Ravi doesn’t care for her. Harneet asks her to not worry saying everything will be fine. Ravi again questions the two men. He asks both to leave the carpet and do another work in the hall. They leave the carpet there only.

Kavya asks Ravi how is she looking. Pratiksha’s face comes out of the carpet. Ravi tells Kavya that they are just friends, they won’t ever become lovers as he is marrying her because of Keerti’s promise. Kavya says that she just wants little appreciation from him. She leaves. Ravi wonders how to fake love when he doesn’t love Kavya. Kavya recalls Ravi’s words. Manvi questions her. Kavya complains about Ravi to her. She says that Ravi has no interest in marriage or care for her. She vents her frustration and cries. She asks her if she has any short comings. Manvi asks her to relax. She worries that Pratiksha will come there and stop their marriage.

Manvi laughs. Manvi says that she had already kidnapped Pratiksha. Kavya becomes happy and hugs her. Ravi sees that the carpet is missing and goes to take medicine for Beeji. Amardeep asks police to stop Pratiksha from reaching the marriage venue. Police spot the two men and interrogate them. Ravi collides with Aditya’s dad. He asks Ravi why is looks upset and not really happy about the marriage. Ravi says that he is mistaken. He says that he understands Ravi well and mentions about Pratiksha.

The episode ends.

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