Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 31st March 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Kinjal getting worried about Pratiksha. She prays for her safety, Chachi comes and taunts Pratiksha and says she is ruining their family’s image. Kinjal blames her for bringing trouble for Pratiksha by asking her to leave the house and now she is not even letting her pray for Pratiksha. Chachi insults her and badmouths Pratiksha. Kinjal tells her that she is neither a good mother nor a good wife. On hearing her insult, her chachi gets infuriated and brings hot tong to burn Kinjal and hurt her. She says she should have kicked her out with Pratiksha.

Ravi is watching live news on his phone and gets stunned seeing the rude and embarrassing questions Pratiksha is facing, the reporters blame her and call her rejected girl. They ask why just after one day Ravi Randhawa left her and if something happened on their first night. Pratiksha feels embarrassed but answers them well. She says how they can insult her but cannot see her tears, they are questioning about decoration on bed while someone’s life has been destroyed. Ravi feels angry seeing the falls accusations media reporters are putting on Pratiksha.

Kinjal takes the hot tongs and warns chachi instead. Chachi tells her she is like her mother. Kinjal questions if mother pushes her children away during trouble. Chachi says she really cares for her but not for Pratiksha, even her relationship broke because of Pratiksha. Kinjal asks her to shut up and Pratiksha is herself suffering so much. She says on the day of marriage Ravi kidnapped her from marriage hall but Chachi’s nephew remained silent in spite of being police officer. She says Pratiksha even accepted the forced marriageable marriage but after one day she was left on road by Ravi and asks what’s Pratiksha’s fault in all this.

Ravi’s mother sees him watching news and thinks what she didn’t want to happen took place . She asks Ravi why is he not ready yet and watching all this. She tells they should not be bothered about Pratikhsa. Ravi says but media is insulting her too much . His mother tells he has been manipulated by her so he is taking Pratiksha’s side. Media asks Pratiksha if she charged lot of money as Ravi is very rich. Ravi tells his mother how all these are fake accusations.

Reporters tells Pratiksha that her family must have been affected and what she will do to clean their name. Pratiksha recalls chachi saying Kinjal’s relationship broke because of her and she should go to her parents. Kinjal sees that Pratiksha even left her phone at home and wonders where to search for her. She vows to bring Pratiksha back home, while Pratiksha keeps thinking of recent incident and walks aimlessly on road. She reaches near valley end. On other hand Ravi thinks why is he feeling hurt for Pratiksha.

The episode ends with both their faces.

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