Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 29th March 2023 Written Update: Pratik falls sick

In today’s episode, Ravi and Pratiksha try to come outside. They have an argument. Pratiksha says that Ravi’s kurta has caught fire. She pours water on Ravi. Pratiksha says that she is scared of fire. She asks Ravi to save her and hugs him tightly. Ravi remembers Keerti. He gets lost. Pratiksha asks Ravi to come out of his imagination and do something. Hansa comes there and learns that Ravi is caught in fire. She criticizes Ravi. Mandeep and Hansa have an argument. Mandeep says that she won’t spare Parekh family if anything happens to Ravi. Pratiksha sees mauli and goes to pick it up.

Ravi tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen to him. Pratiksha goes to pick up the mauli. Ravi recalls Kavya’s point of view regarding rituals and all. He saves Pratiksha from getting burnt. God helps Ravi and Pratiksha as it’s starts raining all of a sudden in off season. The fire almost seize. Ravi and Pratiksha wrap a blanket and come outside. Everyone sees them. Pandit calls them a blessed and destined couple. Ravi and Pratiksha are accompanied by their families. Pratik learns about the fire and freaks out.

Radhika comes there and asks Hansa about Pratiksha. She says that she is aware of the fact that Pratiksha is own and elder sister of Kinjal and Parul. Flashback shows that Radhika read about Pratiksha on newspaper. She questions Hansa for hiding the truth from them. She criticizes Parekh family. She calls Pratiksha a murderer. She says that his son won’t marry Kinjal and leaves. Pratik falls sick. Everyone gets worried for him. Ravi remembers the moments he spent with Pratiksha in that cottage. He wonders why he saved her.

He recalls Kavya’s words regarding Ravi’s feelings for Pratiksha and wonders if Kavya is right. Mandeep says it’s nothing like that, Ravi helped Pratiksha as he is indeed a good human being, he can’t see anyone suffering. She puts kala teeka on Ravi. Ravi gets convinced. Mandeep thinks that she will keep Pratiksha miles away from Ravi’s life and his mind. Parekh family brings Pratik at home. Hansa blames Pratiksha for Pratik’s condition. Kinjal calls doctor. Doctor checks Pratik. Doctor says that Pratik has suffered mild heart attack. Hansa cries. Kinjal tries to comfort her. She lashes out Kinjal. Kinjal cries. Ravi gets ready as dulha. Dolly and Nupur come there.

Ravi compares Dolly with Sridevi. Dolly becomes happy. She asks Ravi why he is looking upset, if he is lost in Pratiksha’s thoughts. She calls Ravi and Pratiksha a destined couple. Ravi becomes thoughtful. Hansa asks Kinjal to stay away from Pratik and stick to Pratiksha. Doctor says that Pratik will be fine after getting an injection. Pratiksha says that they will arrange the best treatment for Pratik. Hansa lashes out at her. She criticizes Pratiksha and her sisters. She blames them for Pratik’s illness. Kinjal tries to defend Pratiksha. Hansa calls Pratiksha responsible for their misery.

The episode ends.

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