Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 24th March 2023 Written Update: Kinjal meets Radhika

In today’s episode, Mandeep asks Kavya to not get upset. Kavya says that she can’t help it as Pratiksha keeps coming in between her and Ravi. The two guys put chunri on Shiv and Parvati. Due to strong wind the chunri flies and falls on Ravi and Pratiksha. Everyone gets shocked. Pandit calls it a miracle. He says that Shiv and Parvati has given blessings to Ravi and Pratiksha’s jodi. He says that now none can separate them. He adds that Ravi and Pratiksha’s story has not ended, according to him from today Ravi and Pratiksha’s story has started. Kavya gets mad. She argues with Pandit.

Mandeep asks Pandit to stop. She says that she doesn’t believe in all these. She says that she is Ravi’s mother and none can know Ravi better than her. Ravi, Pratiksha share an eyelock under the chunri. Mandeep asks Ravi to come out of the chunri immediately. Ravi, Pratiksha come out of the chunri. Kavya lashes out at Pratiksha. Mandeep insults Pratiksha and warns her to stay away from Ravi. Ravi asks Pratiksha to leave from there immediately. The visitors gossip about Pratiksha and Kavya. Pratiksha cries over her fate. She prays to God and asks her to end her sufferings.

Pandit approaches her. He praises Pratiksha for not stooping low like Kavya. He says that Ravi and Pratiksha are destined and Kavya can’t come in between them. Pratiksha mentions about Ravi and Kavya’s marriage today. Pandit says that God has already given enough clue about the future. He says that he believes Ravi will soon realise his mistake and return to Pratiksha. He suggests Pratiksha to not think much about all these and focus on doing her work. He gives keys of his room to her and asks her to bring mauli’s to tie on the visitors. Pratik tells Kinjal that Pratiksha will feel pain if she hears marriage talks in this condition. He asks Kinjal to not inform anything about her alliance to Pratiksha right now.

Kinjal gets convinced. Renu’s sister Radhika meets Kinjal. Kinjal takes blessings from her. She asks Kinjal if she has made up her mind. Mandeep asks Ravi and Kavya to start the puja. Ravi loses his cool. He questions Kavya for creating a scene earlier. Kavya says that Pratiksha intentionally comes in between them. She toungelashes Pratiksha. Ravi asks her to not get obsessed with Pratiksha and insult her without any solid reason. Kavya asks Ravi if he has developed soft corner for Pratiksha. Ravi says that he only has hatred for Pratiksha.

Mandeep asks Ravi and Kavya to stop arguing and feed sweets to each other. Ravi holds Kavya’s hand. He remembers Pratiksha. Beeji comes there. She sees Kavya’s burnt and sympathies with her. Ravi and Kavya feed sweet to each other. Ravi can’t stop thinking about Pratiksha. He wonders why he is being restless, why he can’t stop thinking about Pratiksha. He wonders if he has developed soft corner for Pratiksha while trying to teach lesson to her.

Kavya tries to test if Ravi cares for her. She coughs. Mandeep asks Ravi to bring water for her. Ravi asks Harneet to give water to Kavya and leaves. Kavya gets irked. Dolly follows Ravi and thinks that Ravi has gone to meet Pratiksha. Ravi meets Pratiksha. Pratiksha says that she is not interested to talk to him.

The episode ends.

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