Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Kinjal says yes for the alliance

In today’s episode, Manvi wishes to take Kavya to the doctor. Kavya says that she can’t go away from Ravi untill she gets married to him. Harneet, Dolly and Beeji come to the temple. Harneet sees Kavya’s burnt. Kavya blames Pratiksha for her misery. She complains that Pratiksha always comes in between her and Ravi delibarety. Manvi tells whatever happened at temple. Dolly wishes Ravi to mend his relation with Pratiksha, so that Mandeep and Manvi’s friendship breaks and she can gets closer to Mandeep. Harneet asks her to come and comfort Kavya. Dolly comes and sympathies with Kavya.

Dolly says that Kavya is suffering since her marriage got fixed with Ravi. Harneet asks her to not demoralise Kavya. Harneet asks Kavya to go inside before Pratiksha does something else. Hansa asks Kinjal to not worry for Pratiksha but her own future. Kinjal says that she can’t leave Pratiksha alone in this condition. Renu brings her elder sister to meet Kinjal. She asks Kinjal to not worry for Pratiksha and move forward in life as it will make Pratiksha happy. Hansa appreciates her thoughts. Renu gives blessings to Kinjal and leaves. Kinjal asks Hansa if Renu’s family knows everything about Pratiksha.

Hansa nods and asks Kinjal to say yes. Kinjal nods. Hansa says that only she knows the truth and what will happen in future. Flashback shows that Hansa told Renu, Prakash that Pratiksha is like Kinjal’s sister not her real sister. Hansa asks Kinjal if she will not meet Avinash. Kinjal says that she will talk to Pratiksha first and she will meet Avinash and his family. Hansa learns that Ravi and Kavya’s families are inside the temple as it’s Ravi and Kavya’s marriage day today. She feels apprehensive thinking that her lie regarding Pratiksha may get exposed today. Pratiksha and Kavya come face to face. Kavya drags Pratiksha with her.

She tells Pratiksha that she is getting married to Ravi and asks her to go away from him. She calls Pratiksha liar and cheater. Ravi wonders why Kavya bash Pratiksha everytime without any solid reason. Kavya tries to defame Pratiksha infront of all the visitors of the temple. The visitors gossip about Pratiksha. Ravi asks Kavya to stop. Pratiksha blames Ravi for her insult. Kavya insults her again. Ravi and Pratiksha have an argument. Pratiksha announces that Ravi has forcefully married her. Pratiksha says that she won’t bend today as she has Shiv Sakti’s blessings.

Harneet asks Pratiksha to stay in her limits. Two guys come to the temple to put chunri on Shiv and Parvati’s idols. Pratik questions Hansa for lying about Pratiksha’s identity to Renu and her sister. He asks Hansa what she is upto doing without lying any further. She says that she wants to stop Kinjal from making Pratiksha meet with Avinash and family. She fears that Renu will break the alliance if she learns about Pratiksha.

Hansa says that she is waiting for Avinash and parents to fall for Kinjal so that she can reveal about Pratiksha to them. Kinjal approach them. Pratik requests Kinjal to keep Pratiksha away from her alliance matter for sometimes. Kinjal gets shocked. Pandit asks Kavya to not spoil the temple’s environment. Kavya says that she wants to punish Pratiksha for spoiling her happiness everytime. Pandit suggests her to leave everything on God.

The episode ends.

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