Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 21st March 2023 Written Update: Hansa lies about Pratiksha

In today’s episode, Assistant pandit informs Ravi and Pratiksha that they have God Shiv and Parvati’s blessings on Maha Shivaratri so none can break their jodi. Mandeep questions him for making the wrong jodi do the puja. She introduces Kavya as Ravi’s would be wife and Pratiksha as black dot in their lives. Pandit says that Ravi and Pratiksha looked like married couple to him and compares their pair with Shiv and Parvati. He apologizes for his mistake. Kinjal smiles and thinks Parul would be so happy hearing this. Hansa introduces Pratik and Parul to Hansa and Renu. Parul goes to mention about Pratiksha infront of them but Hansa tactfully changes the topic.

Parul wonders what Hansa wants. Hansa thinks that she will not let Parul spill the beans. Prakash says that they like Kinjal for their son Avinash. Pratik asks if Avinash won’t meet Kinjal. Renu and Prakash say that their choice is Avinash’s choice. Pratik mentions about Pratiksha. Renu, Prakash ask who she is. Kavya blames Pratiksha for coming in between her and Ravi everytime. Kinjal takes a stand for Pratiksha saying it was Ravi who forcefully entered Pratiksha’s life and ruined it. Mandeep warns Kinjal to stay in her limits. Head Pandit comes there. Kavya complains about Assistant pandit to him.

Kinjal calls it destiny. Mandeep warns her keep quiet. She criticizes the values of Pratiksha and Kinjal. Kinjal gives her a fitting reply. Pratiksha asks her to not argue with an elderly lady. Mandeep says that Pratiksha, Kinjal lack manners as they are orphans. Pratiksha cries and leaves from there. Ravi asks Mandeep to stop. Kinjal also leaves. Mandeep gets upset with Ravi for not taking stand for her and Kavya. Pratiksha goes out and cries over her fate. She says that she can not bear anymore insult asks God to give her strength. Mandeep and Manvi give the marriage invitation card to Pandit for puja. The card gets destroyed by him by mistake. Pandit calls it bad omen.

Pratiksha cries. An elderly woman approaches her and asks why she is crying. Hansa tells Renu and Prakash that Pratiksha is neighbour’s daughter. Renu, Prakash gear up to give shagun. Pratik takes Hansa to a corner and lashes out at her for lying about Pratiksha. Hansa says that her lie was important for Kinjal’s bright future. The elderly lady comforts Pratiksha and says that strength is in built in every woman, she ask her to have faith and wait. She asks Pratiksha to go back and do her work. Pratiksha agrees. The lady gives her blessings.

Hansa says that she is lying because of Kinjal’s benefit. She says that they have to keep Pratiksha away from the marriage and Kinjal’s in laws. Mandeep asks Pandit to start the arti. Pandit says that he is waiting for the dance troops who will do shiv tandav during maha Shivaratri puja. Mandeep says that they will wait. Ravi says that his tilak is already done. Mandeep says no as Pratiksha was there with Ravi during the puja not Kavya. She asks Ravi to remove his tilak. Ravi gets convinced and asks Kavya to erase it. Kavya removes the Tilak using her dupatta.

The episode ends.

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