Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 20th March 2023 Written Update: Ravi, Pratiksha have an argument

In today’s episode, Mandeep asks Ravi what he is trying to do. Ravi says that he is going to take God’s blessings. Mandeep asks him to go ahead. She asks Kavya to not worry as they all are with her. Ravi praises the decoration. Pandit says that Pratiksha did the decoration. Pandit asks if Ravi and Pratiksha know each other. Ravi and Pratiksha say no. Pandit tells Pratiksha about Ravi and Kavya’s marriage. Mandeep says that the marriage will take place today only. Pandit asks Pratiksha to assist Ravi and Kavya in doing the puja. Pratiksha follows his instruction. Mandeep hands over marriage card to Pandit.

Pandit says that the card is incomplete as it lacks some religious detailing. Kavya asks him to forget all these as she doesn’t care about those things. Pandit complains to Mandeep that Kavya lacks religious knowledge and respect for her elders. Kavya argues with him. Mandeep asks him to forgive Kavya. Pandit agrees halfheartedly and says all these rituals have their own significance. Mandeep goes to fulfill Pandit’s wish. Pandit asks Kavya to keep dupatta on head to do the arti. Manvi asks Kavya about her dupatta. Kavya says that she has left it at car. Pandit says that Kavya can’t do the puja without dupatta.

Manvi asks Kavya to not argue with Pandit and goes to bring Kavya’s dupatta. Kavya asks Ravi to stay protected from evil eyes and goes to bring her dupatta with Manvi. Ravi approaches Pratiksha. Pratiksha says that she has no interest to talk to him. Ravi compares her with vampire. Pratiksha criticizes Ravi. Ravi asks who she thinks she is. Pratiksha says that she is Ravi’s wife. He again calls Pratiksha as pakau Pratiksha. They have an argument as always. Kavya takes her dupatta. Kinjal comes in front her. Kinjal criticizes Kavya.

Kavya says that she doesn’t have time for her. She offers money to Kavya and asks her to have good wish for her. Kinjal returns the money and gives her good wish free of cost. Kavya asks her to stay in her limits. Kinjal calls her classless. Kavya asks her what she wants. Kinjal says Ravi. Kavya freaks out. Kinjal says that Kavya’s wish won’t get fulfilled as Ravi is already married to Pratiksha. Kavya warns Kinjal to not say anything else. She says that Ravi has abondoned Pratiksha. Kinjal reminds her that Ravi has already abondoned Kavya twice once for Keerti and once of Pratiksha.

She warns Kavya that Ravi will return to Pratiksha when he will learn about Pratiksha’s innocence. She asks Kavya to wait and watch. Pandit asks his assistant to make the pair do puja who are present at the temple currently. Hansa meets Renu and her husband Prakash. She spots Mandeep and decides to hide herself so that Pratiksha’s truth doesn’t come infront of Renu and her husband. Pratiksha calls Ravi as Rattu Ravi as he keeps repeating his words also asks him to stay away from her. Ravi says that he wants to stay far away from her. Pratiksha says same here. She calls him shameless for marrying Kavya so soon. Ravi says same to her. Assistant pandit comes there and asks Ravi and Pratiksha to do the puja as per the head Pandit’s order. Mandeep hears it.

The episode ends.

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