Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 17th March 2023 Written Update: Kavya feels insecure

In today’s episode, Pratiksha confronts the ladies. She gives befitting replies to them. Kinjal hears her words and becomes happy. She joins Pratiksha. She compares Pratiksha with Mata Parvati and showers her with flower petals. An elderly woman calls her Parvati too and supports her. She gives blessings to Pratiksha and leaves from there. Pratiksha gets thoughtful. She tells about the incident to Kinjal. Kinjal asks her to not stress but enjoy the complement. She asks her to come and join her in decoration work.

An woman likes Kinjal’s rangoli and tries to acquire more information about her. Hansa comes there. The woman introduces herself as Renu. Renu says that she likes Kinjal and asks Hansa to accompany her for a talk. Kinjal shares the incident with Pratiksha. Pratiksha understands everything and pulls her leg. Kavya prays to God for her and Ravi’s togetherness. She hopes that Pratiksha doesn’t appear there. Ravi asks her what she is thinking about. Kavya says that she is thinking about Pratiksha.

She says that they will invite Pratiksha on their marriage and perform all the rituals infront of her eyes. Ravi remembers Pratiksha. Kavya toungelashes Pratiksha. Ravi asks Kavya to shut up. Kavya asks him if he is having soft corner for her. Ravi says that Pratiksha’s thoughts troubles him always as she killed his Keerti. Kavya thanks God. Ravi wonders why he can’t stop thinking about Pratiksha. Kavya says that she hates all the rituals, she just wants to spend time with Ravi.

She asks Ravi to hold her hand. Ravi hesitates. Kavya asks him if he doesn’t want to hold her hand. Mandeep comes there. She puts Ravi’s hand on Kavya’s. She says that Ravi will not leave this hand ever and asks Kavya to not worry. Renu tells Hansa that she has liked Kinjal for her son Avinash. She says that they are very simple people with simple routine. She says that her family doesn’t like going out or eating out.

Hansa becomes happy and says that Kinjal is perfect for for Avinash. Renu asks about Kinjal’s family. Hansa goes to inform her about Pratiksha along with others. Renu gets a call. Hansa learns that Renu has rejected a alliance because the girl’s father married twice. Hansa decides to conceal Pratiksha’s incident from Renu. She hopes to send Kinjal to her in laws house as soon as possible. She tells Renu that Kinjal only has one sister that is Parul. Hansa leaves.

She decides to keep Pratiksha away from Kinjal’s marriage. Pandit praises Pratiksha’s work and blesses her pair. Ravi and Kavya come there for Maha Shivaratri puja. Pratiksha gets shocked seeing them. Ravi, Kavya see Pratiksha too. Pratiksha sees that both are holding hands. Ravi leaves Kavya’s hand seeing Pratiksha. Kavya wonders why Ravi did that. Ravi recalls his marriage with Pratiksha. He walks towards her. Mandeep tries to stop him. Ravi doesn’t stop and keeps walking towards Pratiksha. The episode ends.

Precap – Mandeep gives Ravi and Kavya’s marriage card to Pandit. Pandit asks Kavya to put dupatta to do the puja. Mandeep asks Kavya about her dupatta. Pandit says that Kavya can’t sit for the puja without keeping dupatta on her head. He puts Tilak on Ravi and Pratiksha. He says that head Pandit wants Ravi and Pratiksha’s pair to do the puja.

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