Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 16th March 2023 Written Update: Pratiksha gets criticized

In today’s episode, Amardeep and Mandeep question Beeji and asks her why she is not happy about the marriage. Beeji says that God is not happy as they didn’t seek God’s blessings. Manvi and Amardeep say that this time they will visit temple on maha Shivaratri puja and seek blessings before Ravi and Kavya’s marriage. Dolly cries and tells Nupur that her outfit can’t be delivered within one day. She says that none values her at Randhawa house. Parul approaches Kinjal. Kinjal asks her what she wants. Parul asks Kinjal if Ravi will accept Pratiksha.

Kinjal says no way, she calls Ravi crazy. Parul says that Ravi will understand Pratiksha soon. Kinjal refuses to believe her. Kinjal says that she wishes the same though she worries that Ravi will marry Kavya before that. Parul says that Ravi is not interested in marrying Kavya that is why he abondoned her at mandap earlier. Kinjal wishes Parul to be right. Pratiksha asks her sisters to get ready for temple. She scolds her sisters for doing time pass. Ravi sees Pratiksha’s earring. Mandeep asks him to accompany her for the temple.

Ravi tells her that he will reach later with Kavya. Ravi thinks about Pratiksha. He throws away the earring and leaves. Kinjal, Parul mention Ravi infront of Pratiksha. They asks Pratiksha to wear a red outfit which they have bought for her earlier. Pratiksha refuses. Her sisters convince her. Pratiksha thanks her sisters for loving her so much always. They share a hug. Kavya invites her friends on her marriage on call. Ravi does promotion of Bekaboo. Ranav asks Ravi to not do anything wrong with Pratiksha. He suggests him to find out the full truth before troubling Pratiksha. Ravi gets thoughtful.

Pratiksha comes at the temple wearing the red saree. She prays God to give her strength to support her family, she prays for her happiness so that she can share it with her family. Ravi imagines Pratiksha in place of Kavya. He wonders why he is still thinking about Pratiksha. Kavya holds Ravi’s hand. Pratiksha also thinks about Ravi and wonders what’s wrong with her. Pandit praises and gives blessings to Pratiksha. He asks her to start the decoration work soon. A boy asks Kavya to buy flowers from him so that he can buy milk to pour on Shivji on maha Shivaratri. Kavya refuses to believe his words and asks him to go away.

Ravi calls him and buys flowers from him. Kavya says that he was lying. Kavya asks Ravi about her dress. Ravi says it’s nice. Kavya says that she is not interested in any rituals. Ravi recalls Pratiksha ‘s words about pagphera ritual. Kavya asks Ravi if he is missing Keerti. She says that she is not jelous. Ravi wonders why he is thinking about Pratiksha instead of Keerti. Kavya says that she will fix everything between her and Ravi. Neighborhood ladies spot Pratiksha and criticizes her. Pratiksha says that she won’t forgive Ravi ever for her and her family’s insult. The episode ends.

Precap – Ravi meets Pratiksha and says that he has already snatched everything from her. Pratiksha says that Ravi doesn’t matter to her at all and she won’t forget whatever he did to her. Pandit gives blessings to their jodi.

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