Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 15th March 2023 Written Update: Kavya interacts with Ravi

In today’s episode, Randhawas discuss about Pratik. Gulshan says that he made the announcement at hit of the moment. He calls it the only solution now. Dolly hopes to witness more dramma. Pratik comes home. Parul asks him if Ravi will come. Pratiksha says that he won’t come.

Pratik calls Ravi a coward as he didn’t come infront of him. He fears that Pratiksha can never be happy with Ravi. Hansa asks him about money. Pratik gets irked and says that he only cares for his daughters’s happiness. Hansa says that one needs money to survive not emotions.

Pratiksha sheds tears. Pratik asks her to move on in life. He believes Pratiksha will remain strong and hugs her. Ravi recalls Gulshan’s words and his marriage with Pratiksha. He gets restless. He wonders what is wrong with him.

He tries to figure out what he wants in life, why he can’t be happy. Mandeep comes there. She mentions about Ravi and Kavya’s marriage tomorrow. Ravi says that he is not happy. He says that he agreed to marry Kavya earlier due to their family pressure only as Kavya attempted suicide.

He says that he wants to marry Kavya but not right now. Mandeep asks him how much more time he wants. She asks him to consider Kavya’s situation and feelings. She asks him to marry Kavya tomorrow. Pratiksha wonders why Ravi married her.

She prays to God so that her sisters do not suffer because of her. Kinjal asks her to sleep as she needs rest. Pratiksha says that she can’t forget what happened to her. She says that she values sindoor. She says as a married woman it’s priceless for her even though Ravi doesn’t value the marriage.

Kinjal asks her to move on. Pratiksha says that she will. They share a hug. Pratik comes at their room. He wishes to sleep there. Kinjal asks him what happened. Pratik says that Hansa is angry with him so she kicked her out of their room.

Pratik informs Kinjal and Parul that he talked with the authority of local temple, they want Pratiksha to decorate the temple on the day of maha Shivaratri puja. Kinjal and Parul become happy. Parul wakes up. She says that she is feeling hungry.

They all go to the kitchen at midnight and eat breads. Kavya comes at Ravi’s room. Ravi is present there. Kavya checks the decorations and interiors. She says that she dislikes the paint and wishes to change it post their marriage. She flirts with Ravi and tries to come closer to him.

Ravi tries to maintain distance. Kavya feels sick. Ravi asks her if she is fine. She says that she will be when Ravi will marry her. She asks Ravi if he is having any doubt. Ravi says no. Kavya loses her balance.

Ravi picks her up in his arms. Kavya thinks in mind that soon she will make Ravi fall in love with her. Gulshan and Amardeep get busy in marriage preparations. Gulshan says sorry to him for his earlier actions. Amardeep says its okay. They share a hug. Mandeep feels happy and hopes for the marriage to occur soon. Beeji says that the marriage is not possible.

The episode ends.

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