Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 14th March 2023 Written Update: Gulshan makes an announcement

Episode Start With Gulshan says that he won’t go anywhere until Ravi makes a decision. Amardeep asks Ravi to decide first. Aditya comes there and asks Ravi to come downstairs urgently. Gulshan blames him for everything and asks him to stay away.

Aditya doesn’t listen. Gulshan slaps Aditya. Ravi raises his voice and asks Gulshan to stop. Ravi asks him to bash him but spare Aditya. Gulshan says that he can’t control himself as he has lost his elder daughter and about to lose the younger one too.

Gulshan says that Aditya deserves more slaps for supporting Ravi’s deeds. Aditya says sorry to Gulshan. He says that he only stood by his brother like Gulshan is supporting Kavya right now. Gulshan again asks Ravi about his decision.

Ravi says that he wants to listen to Aditya first and asks Gulshan to let him speak please. Pratik arrives at Randhawa house. He gets into an argument with Dolly. He asks to call Amardeep and Ravi.

Amardeep comes downstairs. Aditya requests Ravi to not go downstairs. Amardeep asks Pratik about his demand. Pratik says that he has come to take Ravi with him so that he can bring Pratiksha back. Amardeep asks him to keep dreaming as Ravi won’t do it ever.

Gulshan criticizes Pratik for expecting too much. They both bash Pratiksha. Pratik takes a stand for Pratiksha. He says that he won’t leave Randhawa house until Ravi agrees to accompany him.

Harneet, Mandeep criticize Pratiksha. Pratik calls Ravi a cheater. Mandeep refuses to accept any relation of Pratiksha with Randhawa family. Pratik says that Ravi married Pratiksha infront their eyes and he has proofs.

Amardeep and Gulshan refuse to acknowledge the fact that Ravi married Pratiksha. Gulshan says that none from their families had witnessed Ravi and Pratiksha’s wedding. Pratik says that Media and police had witnessed the wedding.

Gulshan laughs and compares the marriage with child’s play. He asks Pratik to inform Pratiksha that he is standing in between her and Randhawa house. He says that Pratiksha can’t step inside Randhawa house till he is there. Harneet asks Pratik to accept cheque and leave the house immediately.

Pratik says that no money is sufficient infront of Pratiksha’s insult. He asks Ravi to accompany him for the last time.

Amardeep tells him that Ravi won’t go with him to bring Pratiksha. He asks Pratik to do whatever he wants. Harneet says that they will call police. Pratik asks her to go ahead as he doesn’t fear anyone. Amardeep asks him to take money and leave the house.

Hansa does gossip with Sushma. Mandeep doesn’t calls the marriage valid. Gulshan makes fun of Pratik’s statement as he says that God is the eyewitness of Ravi and Pratiksha’s marriage.

Pratik reminds him that he is also a father like Gulshan. He says that time will change and warns him that Kavya can face the same situation like Pratiksha. Mandeep asks him to leave simply. Pratik says that he won’t leave empty handed.

Gulshan asks him to seek Pratiksha’s rights at court. He says that Ravi will marry his daughter Kavya. Gulshan announces that Ravi will marry Kavya tomorrow. Ravi gears up to oppose him. Aditya asks him to wait.


The episode ends.

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