Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 31st March 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Bhushan tries to escape but Gungun stops him. Gungun says that Bhushan is a bad man because he hurted Radha and Ketki. Bhushan is about to slap Gungun, but Ketki stops him and slaps him. Ketki warns him to not try to touch Gungun. Ajeet scolds Bhushan. Rahul is about to beat Bhushan, but Mohan stops the former. Mohan says that someone else has the rights to teach a lesson to Bhushan. He gives the stick to Radha. And Radha gives that stick to Ketki and tells her to punish Bhushan.

Ketki beat Bhushan up. Bhushan asks Kadambari to save him. Kadambari stops Ketki. Bhushan thanks Kadambari. He reminds her that what all he did for her and her family. Kadambari slaps Bhushan. She scolds him for misbehaving with Ketki and Radha. She says that Bhushan don’t have rights to live. And she slaps him again.

Police comes there. Damini asks Kaveri to do something, else Bhushan will expose them too. Mohan tells police inspector to arrest Bhushan. Kaveri tells him that it’s their family matter and they should not involve police in this. She asks him that what society will think about Ketki and Radha. He tells her that they should not tolerate all this just because what society will think about them.

He says that society is not above than respect of women. And tomorrow someone else will be in Radha and Ketki’s place if they remained silent then. He tells her that they got to know what happened with Ketki, due to Radha. And as a father he should punish Bhushan. He tells police inspector to arrest Bhushan.

Kaveri tells Radha that she know wrong happened with her. She apologizes to her on behalf of Bhushan. She asks her to stop the police. Mohan asks her that why she is supporting Bhushan. She tells him that everyone makes mistakes. He tells her that Bhushan committed a sin. Police arrests Bhushan. Bhushan asks Kadambari to stop the police. Kadambari tells him that he deserves that.

Kaveri says that she won’t let them take Bhushan. And she hugs him. Bhushan murmurs to her that he will return to take revenge on Radha and Mohan. He asks her to not worry about him. He tells Trivedis that they accused an innocent and they don’t know about his power. He threatens to destroy them. Police takes Bhushan from there. Ajeet hugs Ketki. Mohan apologizes to Ketki and hugs her. He hugs Radha too. Damini thinks that Radha won against her once again.

Later, Mohan apologizes to Radha and cries. He regrets for failing to read her eyes. Radha tells him that he never saw her lovingly that’s why he could not understand her pain. She hugs him. He hugs her back ( Title song plays in the background ).

Episode ends.

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