Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Mohan calls Radha as sweety. Radha tells him that she is Radha. He tells her that sweety is her nickname. He tries to kiss her. Meanwhile, Damini asks Mohan to open the door. Mohan closes his eyes and places a kiss on Radha’s shoulder. He opens his eyes and tells her that direction went wrong. She laughs at him. He tries to kiss her again. She keeps the pillow between them. She tells him that she is scared now. He asks her to not get scared. He tells her to take deep breathe. He bends to hear her heart beats. Damini opens the window and she gets shocked seeing Mohan like that. She calls Mohan.

Mohan tells Radha that her heart is calling his name. Damini asks Mohan to turn around. Mohan searches mosquito under the bed. He sees Damini. He says that this mosquito is speaking. She tells him that she is not mosquito. He sprays mosquito spray on her and closes the window. She falls down and tells herself that this can’t happen.

Gungun comes there and taunts Damini. She tells her that hero and heroine are in love and villian can’t do anything now. Damini is about to slap Gungun but Tulsi stops the former and slaps her. Tulsi asks Damini that how can the latter forget she is there to protect Gungun. Mohan sees Radha playing with pillow. He recalls the moments he shared with her.

Damini asks Kadambari to save her from Tulsi. Kadambari goes to Kaveri and Vishwanath. Damini goes to Kaveri for help. Kaveri tells Damini to beat Tulsi and leaves from there. Tulsi slaps Damini. She recalls that how Damini tried to kill Radha. Damini asks Dulari to save her from Tulsi. Dulari scolds Damini. Rahul says that Dulari scolded Damini and he laughs at Damini. Tulsi slaps Damini again and again. Damini drinks bhaang. She says that now she will get strength to fight against Tulsi.

Mohan tells Radha that he know she want to play theif and police. Radha tells him that she will become police. He ties his hands with clothe. She holds the other end of that clothe. He tries to run. But she holds him. He unties himself and throws the clothe. That clothe covers them. He caresses her cheek. He places a kiss on her cheek. Then he places a kiss on her forehead. He holds her hand and he places a kiss on her hand. They falls on the bed.

Intoxicated Damini asks Tulsi to come in front of her. She says that Tulsi is a useless ghost. She insults Kadambari and Vishwanath. Tulsi slaps Damini. Damini cries and says that she did so much to separate Radha from Mohan. She confesses her misdeeds. Tulsi says that today everyone will get to know the truth of Damini.

Episode ends.

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