Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 28th March 2023 Written Update: Radha gets insulted

Episode begins with Mohan warns Damini to not try to apply colour on him. Damini tells him that she know he don’t like colours. She asks him that why he looks tired. He tells her that he is running away from Radha and Gungun. She gives bhaang drink to him. He drops the glass when Gungun caught him. He runs from there. Gungun chases him. Damini tells Kaveri to divert Gungun. Kaveri tells her that she is scared of Tulsi and leaves from there.

Radha is about to apply tilak on Rahul. But Rahul stops her and asks her to stop doing drama. She convinces him and applies tilak on him. Trivedis gets happy seeing Gungun chasing Mohan. Radha tells Kadambari that today is holi so they should become friends. Bhushan says that Radha is right and he want to apply colour on Radha’s face and he tries to do it. Radha warns him to not try to do that. Kadambari reminds Radha that just few minutes back the latter gave lecture to Rahul. She says that Bhushan is elder to Radha. Radha tells her that Bhushan don’t deserve her respect and leaves from there. Kadambari apologizes to Bhushan. Bhushan tells her that it’s fine.

Kaveri throws water balloons on Gungun. Gungun tells Kaveri that the latter will be punished for that. She chases Kaveri. Tulsi follows them. Damini gives bhaang drink to Mohan.

Bhushan tries to apply colour on Radha’s face. Radha screams for help. But due to dhol sound, no one could hear Radha’s scream. Dhol people surrounds them. Bhushan dances around Radha. Radha runs from there. Bhushan chases her. He puts Radha’s pallu in sugar cane machine and leaves from there. Kaveri and Damini sees that. Radha screams for help. Everyone hears her and gets shocked seeing Radha’s condition. Tulsi tries to help Radha but fails. She asks Mohan to help Radha. Mohan runs towards Radha. Kaveri tells Damini that now Mohan will save Radha. Damini tells her mother that, that won’t happen. Mohan reaches Radha and covers her with decoration clothe. Radha cries. He hugs her. He picks her up. Colony people gossips about Radha. Kaveri tells Damini that Mohan flopped Bhushan’s plan. Bhushan tells her that his plan is hit.

Mohan keeps Radha on the bed. Radha reminds silent. He asks her to wear saree. She recalls that how Bhushan challenged to insult her in front of everyone. She also recalls colony people’s words. He makes her wear his shirt. He tells her that she is fine and she should not cry. She cries hugging him. He consoles her. He tells her that nothing happened. And he asks her to take rest. She falls on the bed. He tells Gungun to stay with Radha and leaves from there.

Colony people says that now Radha can’t face anyone. Bhushan tells Damini that Radha can’t forget today. Damini asks him that what if Radha tells the truth to Mohan. He assures her that, that won’t happen.

Radha wakes up and screams. Gungun closes the door and windows. She tells herself that she can’t teach this to Gungun. She tells Gungun that they should protect themselves and they can’t hide like this. She says that she did nothing wrong so she won’t hide in the room. And she has to punish the culprit.

Episode ends.

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