Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 24th March 2023 Written Update: Damini team up with Bhushan

Episode begins with Kadambari tells Radha to leave the house if the latter can’t apologize to Bhushan then. Radha asks her that why everyone keep telling her to leave the house. She says that they did not bought her from market and she is Mohan’s wife so she has rights to stay in the house like Kadambari. Kadambari reminds her that she gave daughter in law rights to Radha. And she regrets for giving the rights to Radha.

On the other hand, Kaveri and Damini tells Bhushan that they are with him and nothing will happen to him. Bhushan tells Kaveri that he is also human. Damini asks Bhushan that how can he leave the house instead of taking revenge on Radha. Bhushan says that he will be insulted if Mohan got to know about all this then. Damini tells him that Mohan won’t get to know anything. She informs her plan to him.

Radha tells Kadambari that the latter is doing mistake by trusting Bhushan. She claims that she know Mohan will support her. And Mohan will take decision that who will stay in the house.

Bhushan comes there and says that he won’t stay there for a moment also. Kadambari pleads him to give her a chance to rectify her mistake. He tells her that he know she trust him, but what others will think about him. She announces that no one will tell about all this to Mohan, Ajeet, Rahul and Vishwanath. Radha tells her that she will tell everything to Mohan. She says that Mohan deserves to know what happened with his wife and she can’t lie to her husband. Kadambari requests her to not break her family. She says that Bhushan will leave after holi celebration.

Mohan comes there. He notices Bhushan’s bag and asks that what happened. Radha tells him that they need not to celebrate holi in grand way because Gungun’s exam is coming. He tells her that they did not celebrated holi since Tulsi’s death. And Kadambari will take decision of this house. She nods at him and goes inside. Mohan also goes inside. Kadambari apologizes to Bhushan and requests him to stay away from Radha. Bhushan assures her that he will leave after celebrating holi with his family.

Radha recalls that how Tulsi moved Gungun’s photo when she tried to tell Bhushan’s truth to Mohan. She asks Tulsi that why the latter stopped her. Tulsi informs Radha that Damini is planning to separate Gungun, Radha and Mohan by using Kadambari. Radha understands that Mohan will throw her out of the house if Kadambari got angry at her then.

Meanwhile, Damini praises Bhushan for his acting. She tells her real plan to Bhushan. She says that tomorrow Radha will become villian in front of Trivedis. She asks him to think about his revenge because Radha will be alone in the house tomorrow.

Episode ends.

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