Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22nd March 2023 Written Update: Kadambari defends Bhushan

Episode begins with Radha slaps Bhushan with slipper. Bhushan tries to attack her. But she slaps him again with slipper and she warns him to not try to touch her. She tells him that he takes advantage of weak people. She says that he crossed all the limits. And it’s not like she can’t protect herself. She says that she was silent earlier for Gungun’s sake but she did wrong. She calls everyone. He tries to stop her but Tulsi pushes him. Trivedi ladies comes there. Radha learns that Mohan went for market. Kadambari asks Bhushan about his wound.

Radha reveals that she beat Bhushan with slipper. Ketki asks Radha to say what Bhushan did. Kadambari asks Radha that why the latter beat Bhushan. Radha says that she know Kadambari love and respect Bhushan so much but he don’t deserve that because he is devil. And it’s necessary to reveal Bhushan’s reality. She claims that Bhushan is enemy of ladies. She reveals that Bhushan touched her inappropriately. Tulsi says that she misunderstood Bhushan.

Radha informs Kadambari that what all Bhushan tried to do with her. She also reveals that how Bhushan asked her to fulfill his needs. Kadambari apologizes to Bhushan for not protecting him from Radha. Radha asks her that why the latter is apologizing to Bhushan. Kadambari warns her to not utter a word against Bhushan. She tells her to not call her as mother. Damini asks Kaveri to show how good sister she is to Bhushan.

Kaveri tells Radha that the latter crossed all the limits by accusing Bhushan. Radha says that she did nothing wrong. Kaveri claims that Radha is liar and Radha accuses everyone. She scolds Radha. Kadambari taunts Radha. She reminds her that the latter is in the house due to Bhushan. Radha tells her that she is telling the truth. She asks Ketki to say something, and not get scared. Tulsi asks Ketki to tell that what Bhushan did with her. Bhushan asks Ketki to speak because he also want to know what she think about him. Ketki recalls that how she got scared seeing something. She says that she don’t think Bhushan did anything wrong.

Damini asks Kadambari that why Radha will lie. Radha gets surprised hearing her. Bhushan thinks that why Damini is behaving like his enemy. Damini claims that Radha is behind Bhushan that’s why Radha is accusing him. She says that Radha went to Bhushan’s room alone to convince him and Radha helped Bhushan in the kitchen voluntarily. And Radha wanted to spend time with Bhushan that’s why Radha did all that. She reveals that Radha want to send Mohan to office so he does not get to know about Radha’s actions. She says that Radha wants Bhushan on her side to rule this house. Radha slaps Damini which shocks everyone.

Episode ends.

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