Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 1st April 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Damini tells Kaveri that she thought she can separate Radha from Mohan, using Bhushan. But Radha and Mohan become close and Bhushan went to jail. She gets worried that Trivedis may start worshipping Radha again due to Bhushan’s matter. She hope that it’s not a beginning of Radha and Mohan’s love story. Tulsi says that Radha’s one-sided love got Mohan support. She plays flute. Damini and Kaveri sees the flute. Damini asks Tulsi to not get happy because she won’t let Radha and Mohan unite. She tells her to leave from there and she throws pillow towards flute. Kaveri asks Damini to calm down, else Tulsi may attack them.

On the other hand, Radha hugs Mohan and she tells him that he can’t read her heart without hugging her like this. Mohan hugs her back. She recalls that how he addressed her as his wife. They breaks the hug. Her nupital chain gets stuck on his chain and they shares an eye lock. He apologizes to her. She asks him to stop crying. She says that Gungun should not see him like this. He tells her that today is her day so everything will happen as per her wish. Gungun tells Radha to ask chocolates from Mohan. Ajeet tells Radha to ask honeymoon tickets from Mohan. Ketki teases Mohan and Radha. Tulsi tells Radha to ask Mohan’s love.

Radha tells Mohan that this is her first holi after marriage and they should celebrate holi forgetting whatever happened today. Mohan tells her that it’s such a small matter. She tells him that she won’t ask anything which he could not give her. He announces that they will celebrate holi. They sees Kadambari sitting silently. Ketki goes to Kadambari. Kadambari apologizes to Ketki for failing as mother. Ketki tells her mother that the latter did nothing wrong and hugs her. Kadambari apologizes to Radha too. She says that she failed as mother and also as mother in law. She tells her that she has something to tell her. Mohan tells them to talk later. He gives bhaang drink to everyone.

Damini scolds Kaveri for drinking bhaang. Mohan and Radha laughs and talks about random things. He tries to cut her hair. She stops him saying that she love her hair. He tells her to not talk to him because she love her hair more than him. She tells him that it’s not like that and she places a kiss on his cheek. She says that she love his cheeks too. Tulsi smiles seeing that.

Kadambari and Kaveri drags Vishwanath. Vishwanath runs from there. Ketki plays with Rahul. Ajeet asks Ketki to play with him. Gungun and Damini sees everything. Gungun asks that why everyone is behaving like this. Damini subconsciously replies that due to bhaang. Gungun stops Damini from going behind Mohan. Mohan calls Radha as sweety. Everyone dances.

Mohan picks Radha up and takes her to his room. Radha tells Mohan that she is feeling dizzy. Gungun makes Damini fall down. Damini goes to Mohan’s room. Mohan closes the door. Damini opens the window. She sees Mohan is trying to kiss Radha.

Episode ends.

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