Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 14th March 2023 Written Update: Damini gets released

Episode begins with Radha tells Gungun that they will handle Damini. Mohan tells Shekhar to take Radha to police station. Tulsi tells Mohan that he is doing wrong. Shekhar and Radha leaves the house. Gungun hugs Mohan and tells him that he must be in pain and cries. Mohan asks her to not cry.

In the police station, Kaveri asks Damini that how the latter got Ketki’s video. Damini tells her that she saw the video when they were in the hospital. Kaveri asks her that what if Radha don’t come to withdraw the complaint. She says that they lost this time.

Damini tells her that she did not learn to lose. She shows Radha to Kaveri. Shekhar tells police inspector that they came to withdraw the complaint. Radha withdraws the complaint. She tells police inspector that no one forced her to do this. Police releases Damini.

Damini and Kaveri taunts Radha. Damini tells Radha that the latter failed to win Mohan’s trust. Radha tells her that she is Mohan’s wife. Damini says that Mohan did not accept Radha as his wife.

Radha tells her that her nupital chain and her vermilion proves everything. She says that she know Mohan don’t even touch Damini. Damini tells her that her relationship with Mohan will get a name. She says that she won’t spare Radha.

On the other hand, Mohan screams in pain. Gungun scolds him for beating himself with belt. Mohan tells her that he did it in anger and he know he did wrong. He promises to not ever do that again. She tells him that Radha is not wrong.

He tells her that he don’t want to talk about that. He asks her to sleep. She falls on the bed. He plays Tulsi’s lullaby song. She falls asleep. He recalls the moments he shared with Gungun and he places a kiss on her face.

Kadambari comes there and scolds Mohan for beating himself and cries. She says that she felt his pain even though she is not his biological mother. She asks him that who gave him rights to hurt himself.

Mohan apologizes to her. And he promises to not repeat the mistake. She hugs him. She tells him that she is not understanding what’s happening in their family. He tells her that they have a way to do something for their family’s peace.

Later, Damini, Kaveri and Radha enters the house. Kadambari hugs Damini and tells her that she is glad the latter returned. Damini reminds her that what all the latter said in the police station.

Kadambari apologizes to her. She says that she failed to understand Damini got arrested for her. Damini tells her that she don’t want to stay in that house. Radha tells Damini that it’s good decision.

Kadambari asks Radha to stop it. She tells Damini to not leave the house. Radha asks her to not stop Damini. She says that she will pack Damini’s luggage. Mohan comes there with Radha’s things. He tells Radha that she has to leave the house.

Episode ends.

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