Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th April 2023 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gangoba seeing Gautama. He sends Manik to the guest room. Gautama stares at Gangoba and says I think Peshwa has given you a big price, I would like to see it. She reads the letter. She says wow, Gangoba, you got rewarded for removing Ahilya from the throne. She counts the reward. She claps and says congrats. He says I didn’t accept this. She says you shouldn’t accept this, its an insult of you and Ahilya, it’s a less price, you won’t understand, you don’t know Ahilya’s value.

She says you can’t tag a price for her, she is priceless. Gangoba says you are blaming my intentions, I don’t accept it. She says I don’t care about it, you have played your move. Gangoba asks which move? She says don’t act innocent, you had got this reward to remove Ahilya from the throne, right, tell me, you had made a plan and removed Ahilya from the throne. He says sorry, I m telling the truth, I have not played any game, trust me, I m doing this for Malwa’s betterment, a woman can’t rule on Malwa. Ahilya and Tukoji talk about Narmada. She asks how did she reach the palace. He says I will find out, did she come here to steal. She says no, she was hungry, she won’t come inside and take risk just for food, she has to get an answer from this palace only, someone is there responsible for her condition, but who.

Gangoba says 40 men have taking a decision to remove a woman, you think you are the Pandit of politics, why did you remove Ahilya, just to have the male domination, I didn’t come here to support Ahilya, but to remind your love and dedication towards Malwa, think of Ahilya’s strength, you are insulting her just because she is a woman, she has done a lot for Malwa, which a King couldn’t do, she has lost the throne, still she will keep her duty towards Malwa, she has no sorrow of leaving the throne, she is busy in ending the people’s sorrow, because she is a woman, there is still time, change this thinking, because a woman is not less than a man, Ahilya can overcome 40 men, think about it and understand, I can see Malwa’s future in darkness without Ahilya. She leaves. Rakma looks on.

Malerao beats the men and tortures them. He asks how did that girl run away, find her else you will die. Rakma says Malerao will be taking over the throne, do you think he deserves it. Gangoba thinks of Malerao. He says you had asked this before also and I gave you an answer also, I don’t want the throne. She says I had given you a name for the throne, Tukoji, I m thinking for everyone’s betterment. He thinks. Malerao’s men come to the palace and look for Narmada. Narmada gets a nightmare and wakes up. The maid says calm down, I will go and call Ahilya. Ahilya talks to Tukoji and Yashwant. The maid comes and tells about Narmada. Ahilya rushes to see Narmada. Narmada is scared.

Precap: Malerao says I have to stop that girl from reaching Ahilya. Ahilya sees Malerao and calls him out.

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