Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on ArticleWeb.me

The Episode starts with Maina consoling Mukta. Mukta refuses to have water. Gautama says both Ahilya and Mukta are stubborn. Mukta says my life is at stake, can’t I tell my pain, what are you saying, I don’t like this alliance. She cries. She says you lost in front of Ahilya. Gautama says no, we will give time to Ahilya, but I won’t change my decision, it will happen what I want. Rakma comes and says I just saw Ahilya with Yashwant, they are talking in the temple. Mukta asks is there no one who can save me, Malhar also supported Ahilya. Rakma says there is someone who can save you from Ahilya’s decision. Gautama asks who. Rakma says Malerao. Gautama says no, matter will get spoiled if he intervenes. Rakma says already the matter is spoiled. Gautama says enough, you don’t try to add fuel in the fire, stay out of this matter. Mukta goes. Rakma smiles. Mukta asks Malerao to do something, stop this marriage. He asks what do you want. She says I don’t want to marry Yashwant, stop this marriage, you always oppose Ahilya, where did your anger go. He asks where is mum. She says temple, even he is there. He asks who. She says Yashwant. He takes her.

Yashwant asks how can this happen. Ahilya explains her decision. She asks his decision about the alliance. He asks does Mukta agree to this. Malerao gets Mukta there. He says no, you can never give her the happiness and luxuries, which she gets here. He says she has dreamt of a husband, that’s very different from you, you don’t fit in her dreams. Ahilya tries to stop him. Malerao says trust me, two days before, I was thinking the same, but then something happened that I didn’t imagine, I have seen your real side, I trust Ahilya’s decision, you are suitable for my sister. Ahilya smiles.

Malerao says Mukta, Yashwant will keep you happy, I m saying the truth. She cries and goes. Malerao goes after her. Yashwant says thanks for considering me for this, but it won’t be right to marry Mukta against her wish, sorry. Ahilya says if Malhar also wishes this, then… you and Mukta are made for each other, I understood this well, remember one thing, a new relation has many meanings, its not just for the couple, but also for family and country, I know my Mukta well, the day she knows about your truth and goodness, she will accept you as her husband, I want you to give her a chance. He says okay, as you find right. She smiles.

Malhar asks the soldiers to attack Abdali’s men. They chant har har Mahadev. Mukta says even Malerao said I should marry. Maina says now he has also agreed, what can I do now, I feel you have nothing to say now. Harku says I m glad that you will become son in law of this palace, don’t worry, everyone will understand you. Yashwant says its my good luck. He sees Mukta worried. He says but Mukta… Harku says you are a warrior, you would know winning a heart, you have to win Mukta’s heart. He asks but how. She asks him not to ask how, win her heart, there is much danger.

Malhar and Janko ji proceed for the battle. Malhar asks why did you call me here, its right time to attack Abdali and catch him. Janko ji says no, just look here, our armies are fighting here, our weapon was coming from this route, Abdali’s army has blocked it, we don’t have any other way, we have to fight battle with the soldiers we have. Malhar says it means both have the same strength, we have courage, we will defeat him. Janko ji says but Abdali got helpers with him. Malhar says his extended army has reached, it means its tough to deal with him, its fine, we will try a new plan, I will enter Abdali’s Chavni and attack him. Janko says but… Malhar says no but, we have to break their courage and patience if we can’t fight the army, when we kill the King, the army falls apart.

Tukoji says battle is starting in Panipat. Ahilya says Malhar will win. Abdali aims an arrow at Malhar.


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