Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 31st March 2023 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gangoba and the ministers bribing others and making them against Ahilya. The men accept the bribe. Narmada says those men will kill me. The lady says just Ahilya can save your life, she is our Lord, once you reach her, then no one can harm you. Narmada asks if I don’t get protection there. The lady says you will get protection, tell the truth to Ahilya, don’t get scared. The men look for Narmada. The lady makes Narmada run away. She asks who are you. The man shouts on her. He checks her house and leaves.

Ahilya asks a lady Kusum to go and take rest. Kusum says my mum says that you do a lot for us. Ahilya insists her to go to her mum. She says you can’t understand your mum’s heart, a mum’s heart always looks for her children, I miss my children, go home now. Kusum says Tukoji has come. Ahilya says okay. He asks is everything fine, we will go back tomorrow morning, do you want anything. She says no. He asks what happened. She says nothing, I feel I m leaving my family behind while doing good to others, I fear of losing my family. He asks her not to think so, her children have grown up, they are married and have their families now, they will return to palace tomorrow and she can meet her children. Narmada comes and hears Tukoji saying about their departure.

Mukta comes and meets Gautama. They hug. Gautama blesses Mukta and Yashwant. Mukta says everything is fine. He says I got a letter for you. Gautama says its good news, Ahilya is returning to the palace. Yashwant says I have a bad news also, Darbar ministers are planning against Ahilya, they want Ahilya to not sit on the throne. Gautama and Mukta worry. Gautama asks how can this happen, Ahilya has worked with sincerity and dedication, she deserves the throne, who are the ministers to say this, tell me who is making this plan. Yashwant worries. She asks him to say without any fear. He says Gangoba is doing this. Gautama asks Gangoba? What are you saying. He says yes, I m saying the truth. She says I have to talk to Gangoba. He says sorry, the matter can go wrong if you talk to him, I think Ahilya is capable to handle this situation. Gautama worries and thinks to stop this.

Gangoba and the ministers get united. Gangoba says we will go and tell our last decision to Ahilya. Ahilya and Tukoji come back. Gautama welcomes Ahilya and blesses her. Mukta comes and meets Ahilya. Ahilya smiles. She says I have come at the right time. Dwarka says yes, Yashwant got Mukta here when he got news of your coming. Gangoba says its Ahilya’s victory. Dwarka says Malerao has gone out for solving the water problem. Ahilya says I m glad that he is becoming responsible. She greets Gangoba.

She asks what’s the matter, you don’t look happy. Gangoba says it’s the biggest achievement for Malwa. Ahilya says tell me if there is anything in your heart. Gautama asks her to take rest. Rakma sees Gangoba. She goes with Tukoji. Gangoba thinks we have taken our decisions. Narmada reaches the palace. She hides from the guards and runs inside. She looks for Ahilya.

Precap:Gangoba says we will tell our decisions to Ahilya tomorrow. Ahilya comes there and asks why is the darbar looking dull. Tukoji comes and says I will tell you what it means.

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