Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ahilya impresses Nawab

The Episode starts with Nawab saying the King of Delhi has sent a letter and asked me to permit the land to Holkars, because he has good terms with them. Rizwan asks what did you think, will you give up to Ahilya, you should send a reply to King and tell your feelings. Guard says dacoits are going to attack and loot the fair today. Nawab says I will not let this happen, I will go and stop them. Malhar asks Gautama what’s the matter. He asks her to sit. He asks why do you look upset. She says Ahilya and Malerao aren’t here, Malerao has sent Maina to her Maayka, if you go on a mission then I will be alone. He laughs and says sun is saying its scared of darkness. She asks what are you saying. He says you are overthinking. He pacifies her and says a woman is behind a man’s success, I don’t think so, you are my support, you have supported everything and made them successful, why are you doubting your strength, I m going carefree because I know Malwa is in safe hands, don’t cry. He says you will let me go now, right. The dacoits come to the village to attack the holy procession. Nawab and his soldiers come to kill them. They see the dacoits fallen on the ground. Nawab shouts who did this. Dacoit shows Ahilya. Ahilya and Tukoji protect the procession. Nawab and Rizwan get surprised.

Ahilya says we got the attack news, and so we have reached here to protect the procession. Tukoji says we were advised to not come here but Ahilya thought its imp to protect them. Nawab asks why did you do this, its not your festive. She says its our duty to support any festive that connects people with God, devotion is devotion, be it yours or mine, its our duty to protect it, a King raises his people, if he is in other Rajya, then he should protect that Rajya’s people also, its our first motive to protect them. Nawab says you did this after what I did. She says if I did the same, then what would be the difference between us, I m sure you will respect our devotion also when the right time comes, you go and protect your people now, we will come. Nawab and Rizwan greet her and leave.

Gangoba says I have informed about the situation to them, I will tell you when a reply comes. Gautama says okay. Rakma stops him. She says we should do work when we get an opportunity. He says I didn’t understand anything. She says all the ruling officials are busy, you have a chance to take charge and plan against Ahilya. She brainwashes him against Ahilya.

Tukoji says Malhar has sent you good wishes and blessed you to win, he left for a mission, Malerao has left the palace to solve the water problem. Ahilya asks what, I gave this work to Yashwant. He says Malhar would have given this work to Malerao. She says Malhar takes wrong decisions in his love, send just trusted people after Malerao and find out, I want to know where he went and why. He says okay. They hear some sound and go out to see. Nawab comes with his people. Ahilya looks on.

Precap: A man says you didn’t wish to make a woman become the queen, Ahilya is getting famous, Peshwa wants you to stop her flight. Gangoba is surprised.

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