Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Malerao fools Malhar

The Episode starts with Nawab saying Rizwan, many people will try to come there, I never stopped anyone, but when Ahilya has challenged me, ask the guards to stop them from entering the place, I have to face Ahilya. Maina says I tried to explain Malerao, but he isn’t listening to me, he is misusing his powers. Gautama asks her not to worry, everything will get fine. Rakma hears them and smiles. The vendors show the pictures to Malerao. Malerao checks the pictures of the elephants. They ask what happened, did we make some mistake. Malerao says yes, you both are doing a crime. The man apologizes.

He asks them to call him a king, not a prince. They say okay, Maharaj ji. Malerao asks when will I get to see the elephants in real. The man says he will take time to walk slowly and come. Rakma comes. Malerao sends them. He shows her the elephant pics. She says its beautiful, I like it when everyone calls you a King, but a king stays a king when he stays alert. Gautama goes to Malhar and says you and Ahilya gave rights and responsibilities to Malerao, he is misusing it. He asks did anyone tell this to you. She says some villagers came to him with a water problem, he said there is no money to spend, he is misusing the money in useless things. Malhar laughs. He calls Malerao. Malerao comes and greets. Malhar says Malerao told me everything, he isn’t bad at heart, he understands his responsibilities. He asks her to sit. He shows Malerao’s plan.

He says he made this plan to solve the water problem, he has told me about his expenses also, how will he do his work if we keep an eye on him. Malerao asks who is brainwashing you against me. She says no one, I know you are doing good work, I will go. She goes. Malhar says I will see the accounts and tell you. Malerao says I m tired, we will discuss this tomorrow. Malhar says its okay. Malerao goes. Rakma looks on. He smiles.

He goes and warns Maina to not complaint again. She gets scared of him. She leaves. Tukoji says everyone is happy, I m sure that they will come. She says write a message for the Delhi King, write to him that Nawab isn’t giving us the land permission, its imp to tell him that Holkars have always helped the King and supported him. He says you have thought well. Guard says Kashis Mukhiyas have come to meet you. Malerao sees a design of his palace. Maina looks on. Malerao gets fooled by them.

Ahilya talks to the Mukhiyas. She asks is protecting Dharm wrong, is it wrong to reconstruct a broken temple. They say the two religions and thinking don’t match, how will we get together.

Precap: Yashwant and Malerao argue. Gangoba scolds them for fighting.

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