Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Malhar returns home

The Episode starts with Malerao buying a lots of things. Gautama asks what’s all this. He says I m the king now and I will have all the luxuries and fun. The man asks him for money. Malerao asks Gangoba to pay them extra. The man praises Malerao. They ask about the big function post Mukta’s marriage. Malerao says it will happen as I thought of it, I will declare that I m the new king. He asks Gangoba to make the best preparations.

The village men tell Ahilya about the Kashi temple. She says I promise you all and myself that the coming generations will come here to pray to Kashi Vishwanath, the temple will be rebuilt here. Everyone smiles. Malerao says send the invites to my friends, call the dancers from Rajasthan, the program should go on for a week, so that everyone knows that I have sat on the throne. He argues with them. He asks Gangoba to go and obey his command. Gangoba thinks did I make a big mistake by supporting Malerao. Ahilya prays at the temple site. She asks Shiv ji to give her strength to rebuilt the temple. They all pray.

Dwarka asks what’s the matter of concern. Gautama says Malerao is spending the treasures, its not good for anyone. Dwarka says you know he is so stubborn. Ahilya made a big mistake by giving everything in his hands. Gautama says no, this had to happen sometime, he forgot his responsibility and is misusing his rights. The lady comes and says Malhar is coming to the palace, come fast. The queens go to welcome him. Malhar returns with Janko ji and few soldiers.

Gautama welcomes him. Malerao looks on. Malhar says I don’t deserve this welcome, I got defeated in the battle, I lost myself, lakhs of our warriors died as martyrs, leave me alone for some time. He goes. Malhar recalls the dead soldiers. Malerao comes and greets him. Malhar asks how are you. Malerao says I m fine, how are you, sorry, I was busy in work, I just got the news. He lies to Malhar. Malerao says I would have come to welcome you. Malhar smiles. Malerao says I m learning the work, else I would have come, what happened. Malhar says I m very happy that you were so lost in darbar work, you didn’t get the news of my coming. He laughs and says this is the real test. Malerao says I will try that I never make this mistake. Malhar says no, I want you to make this mistake always, Desh is related to us first, then the people and then the family. Malerao says Ahilya also teaches the same, she follows your thinking, I have also decided to walk on her path. Malhar says you have made me relieved today, I hope you aren’t troubled in doing this duty. Malerao says no way. Malhar says you are talking sweet things, I have many expectations from you, you are Malwa’s future. Malerao says Ahilya has shown trust on me, and today you have shown trust on me, I will not let it break, and don’t worry, I will handle all the work, she gave me right to decide as I want, I was scared and then thought of dad and you, then I believed myself, I got confident, I just want your blessings. Malhar says I m feeling so satisfied and happy. He hugs Malerao. He says when Ahilya comes back, I will keep your Uttaradhikaar function. Malerao smiles.

Precap: Pandit asks Ahilya about the temple construction. She asks is there any problem. He says Moghal king will get angry on us, please leave from here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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