Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Malerao takes over the throne

The Episode starts with Ahilya saying you should be with Mukta right now. Yashwant says I have a bigger duty towards my country and the soldiers who are fighting the enemies by leaving their families, how can I celebrate my happiness, I have taken Mukta’s permission. Malerao says no, I told you that she shouldn’t get sorrow. Yashwant says she will get sorrow when I turn away from my duty. Ahilya says I m impressed with your Deshbhakti, fine, you take a group of soldiers and prepare to leave. Yashwant leaves. Malerao says he didn’t do right and he left Mukta alone. Ahilya says we all have to contribute towards our Rajya, I m also going to Indore with Tukoji, I will not come back until I wipe their tears and console them. Gangoba asks who will handle the throne here. She says Malerao, you will handle the work until I come back, you will keep this darbar’s prestige, you will follow all the rules and do your duty, okay. Malerao asks really. She nods. He smiles.

He says you regarded me suitable for this throne, thanks, I promise you, I will do my duty with much dedication. Ahilya says we will leave now. She asks Malerao to take care. She signs Gangoba and leaves. Malerao sits on the throne and smiles.

Malhar sees the soldiers dead. He runs. He recalls their words. He cries. He wakes up from this dream. Yashwant comes there and greets him. Malhar asks how are you. Yashwant says I m fine. Malhar asks how is Mukta. Yashwant says she is also fine, how are you. Malhar asks him to say, Yashwant says I have come to take the injured soldiers to Indore, Ahilya has arranged food and medicines there. Malhar says it’s a big sorrow to break down than to lose. He cries. Yashwant consoles him. Malhar says call me Dada Saheb, Mukta and Malerao call me by this name. Yashwant says yes Dada Saheb, we shall leave for Indore. Malhar is sad.

Yashwant takes the soldiers with him. Malerao takes a bath by milk. He asks Gangoba to call the foreign businessmen to his room. Maina looks on. She goes to Gautama. She says Malerao is spending money without a reason. Gautama goes to him. Ahilya and Tukoji see the people crying over the family member’s loss. They all ask Ahilya what will they do now. Ahilya motivates them. She says I will go to Kashi to immerse their ashes. Ahilya goes to Kashi. She does the ashes immersion. She asks Tukoji to come, they should visit Kashi for their soul peace. Pandit says the place is totally ruined, we were waiting for someone to come and build it. Ahilya sees the temple. She says I m doing what I can for people, now its time for devotion.

Precap:The man says the old temple will be just mentioned in history. Ahilya says no, its my promise, it will be rebuilt. Malerao says I have taken over the throne.


Update Credit to: Amena

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