Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ahilya gets Malhar’s sad message

The Episode starts with Ahilya asking Yashwant to keep Mukta happy and not hurt her heart. She gets emotional and asks him to take care of Mukta well. Yashwant says maybe I make some mistake, but I won’t do anything deliberately that hurts her heart, its my promise. Ahilya hugs Mukta and cries. Mukta’s bidaai is done. They all cry and see off Mukta. Ahilya cries and rushes inside. Gautama goes to her and asks what happened. Ahilya says we lost the Panipat battle, we have to stay strong. Malhar burns the pyres of the dead soldiers. He gets sad. Janko ji says you go to a safe place until we get help. Malhar says no, I can’t leave them and go. Guard gets a message. Malhar reads it and smiles. He says Mukta got married. Janko ji says congrats. He asks guard to take his answer. He cries and hugs the letter.

Mukta gets welcomed in Yashwant’s house. Her grahpravesh happens. His Kaki asks Mukta to accept this world as her world now. Mukta says its okay, my mum kept me happy and I m sure that I will get the same love here. Kaki says your mum is blessed, she gave you good values. She blesses her and goes to call Yashwant. Mukta looks at the room. She recalls Yashwant’s words. Yashwant comes. She asks can I fulfil my promises. She turns away. He says I married you and got you here, I will keep my Pati dharm, forgive me today, because my Desh is calling me today.

He says Malhar is dealing with a bad state in Panipat, your mum needs me, you have this custom right, when a husband goes to a battle ground, wife wishes him to win, I didn’t win your heart but I will be glad if you give me good wishes. Tukoji reads Malhar’s letter. He says Peshwa’s son Vishwarao has died in the battle. Ahilya, Gangoba and Malerao worry. Tukoji reads… Peshwa is missing, many Marathas chiefs have died, many women have turned widows, lakhs of soldiers have died, we can’t count the loss of money. Ahilya cries.

She says our brave soldiers who died as martyrs, we will keep silence to pay them a tribute. Yashwant says you are my wife, my duty and my duty is towards the country also, I will be thankful if you let me do my duty, fine, I will decide myself, I will come. Mukta says stop, keep your sword. He asks but… She says keep the sword.

He keeps the sword. She gives it to him and wishes him to win. He smiles. Ahilya says our duty doesn’t end here, we have to get the martyrs’ ashes and also the injured soldiers back, make arrangements to get Malhar back. Tukoji asks who will head this mission. Yashwant comes and says I will do. They get surprised.

Precap:Ahilya gets sad and talks to the villagers. She says I will immerse their ashes in Kashi. Tukoji nods.

Update Credit to: Amena

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