Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 10th April 2023 Written Update: Malerao searches for Narmada

The Episode starts with Ahilya asking not to be afraid of Narmada. She asks what is the matter. Tukoji asks what is your name, tell us. Narmada thinks those men are still roaming outside, I might die if I reveal my real identity. She says I m Vaishnavi, I came here by mistake, let me go. Ahilya says wait, you can go when you get well. She asks the maid to take care of Narmada and bring food for her. Malerao is on the way. The men congratulate her on getting a new palace. The guards come to him and say we didn’t find that girl anywhere. Malerao asks how did she disappear. He scolds men. Rakma asks Ahilya to come and play with her. Ahilya says no, I have a lot of work. Rakma asks what work do you have, you left the throne, it was snatched from you, you don’t rule the throne anymore, you have a lot of time now. Ahilya answers him and says my time is always precious. She goes. Malerao comes back to the palace. He asks the vendors to go to the guest room and take rest. He asks his guards to keep an eye, the girl has come to the palace and maybe she is hiding there.

Ahilya talks to Gautam and says thank you for supporting me, but I cannot oppose the rules of the state to have ethics. She says Malhar made rules and I can’t go against his rules, I never want throne, duty is more small, what did I lose, I didn’t lose anything, I just got things here, I got love also maa. He hugs Gautam. Malerao asks the guards to find Narmada. She gets scared seeing him.

Ahilya says I have time to talk to you today, I have my lovely daughter Mukta and brave son-in-law Yashwant, don’t these relationships make me queen, isn’t it my victory. Gautam nods. Malerao says we have to find her. Ahilya says my biggest hope and strength is Malerao, he has grown up and he is eligible for the throne. Gautam says yes, you are telling the truth. Ahilya says we will celebrate Hanuman Jayanti with Mukta. Gautam says yes, they are together in love. She joins hands of Mukta and Yashwant. they smile. The guard comes and says that Malerao has come. Narmada hides from Malerao. Ahilya and everyone come to meet him. Malerao ignores Ahilya. Yashwant feels bad and thinks Malerao could have talked to me too, he has no manners. Ahilya thinks arrogance has taken Malerao’s manners. Malerao taunts him. She asks where did you go. He says so you were going to spy on me.

Precap: Maina tells Ahilya that Malerao was always against the water project. Narmada gets scared and runs and hugs Ahalya. Malerao looks on.

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