Parineetii 8th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Parineet saying to Neeti that she is lucky to have Sanju as her husband. Neeti asks her. Isn’t she his family? Neeti tells her that she is her sister, so she is also his family. Sanju thinks that Neeti scared him. Neeti asks Parineet why she is so serious, like she was his wife. Sanju says to Neeti that she is saying whatever she wants. She tells him that he is doing whatever he wants. Parineet asks them to take a rest and is about to leave. Her dhuppatta was stuck on his watch. Neeti gets jealous to see their closeness. After Parineet takes her leave, Sanju tries to romance with Neeti but she avoids him. Saju tells her that he has to romance with his wife. She pushes him down. Sanju pretends like he was hurt to get her attention. Neeti is flattered by his words but she recalls his betrayal and avoids him, reasoning she feels sleepy. Sanju complaints that ladies are so romantic before marriage but become unromantic after a wedding. Neeti worries about Bebe’s words. She recalls Sanju and Parineet’s closeness. She goes to Bebe’s room.

Neeti says to Bebe that she isn’t getting sleep. She made a mistake by ignoring her words. She trusted Parineet, blindly considering her as her sister. But she betrayed her. Bebe comforts her and says it’s not too late. Neeti tells her that she has decided to remove Parineet from her path. She wouldn’t allow Parineet to live in her house or this world. Bebe thinks that she needed this. She says to Neeti that she will change her mind in a few minutes. Neeti says that she won’t change her decision this time. It’s her final decision. Bebe says to her that she will fulfill her desires. Neeti gives permission to her to do whatever she wants. She might take it as an accident or else the police will poke their head into this murder case. She asks Bebe to do this using an outsider. Bebe says that she knew one person who helped them. Later, Bebe and Neeti meet Raghu. Neeti is scared of meeting Raghu. Bebe assures her that he won’t harm them. Neeti tells her let’s leave here after finishing the job. Bebe shows Parineet’s photo to Raghu. She asks him to finish this girl.

Raghu says to Bebe that Parineet is looking beautiful and innocent. Bebe says that she was impressing everyone using this. She asks him to finish her asap. Raghu praised Parineet’s beauty and asked her. Is she her daughter-in-law? Bebe asks him not to inquire about her like a lawyer. Bebe says that Parineet will go out tomorrow to meet her husband. She demands him to finish her tomorrow. He shouldn’t miss this opportunity. He shouldn’t leave any evidence for the police. Raghu agrees to her deal. Bebe gives money to him. Neeti is thinking whether she is doing any wrong deeds? She was her childhood best friend. She recalls her betrayal and thinks that she snatched her happiness and husband from her. She was doing the right thing.

Neeti is cooking in the kitchen. Bebe thinks, why is she so calm? She is here to ruin her peace. Neeti tells her that she was preparing lunch for Sanju. Bebe asks her to stop worrying about Sanju’s favourite dish. She advises her to concentrate on their mission. Now it’s in her hand. Neeti asks her whether they are doing right or wrong? Bebe says to her there is nothing wrong with it. Bebe thinks that she has to think about right or wrong. She just wanted to get her revenge. She says to Neeti. If she does this, then everything is over between Neeti and Parineet. Parminder asks them what’s going on here? Bebe manages to lie with her. Bebe asks Neeti not to waste her time on cooking. She had to do something for her husband. Parineet comes there. Parineet says to Neeti that she feels like she was hiding something from her. She looks so tensed. Neeti thinks that Parineet is the problem in her life and leaves.

Episode end

Precap; Bebe will inform Neeti that if Parineet goes out now she won’t return alive. Gurpreet will be worried after seeing Parineet’s photo frame is broken. The goon will keep a close watch on Parineet. Parineet will meet with an accident.

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