Parineetii 7th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with the lawyer meeting the Inspector. Sanju excuses them for attending the phone call. Parineet follows him behind to return his purse. Parineet admires him and recalls her beautiful moments with him. She thanks him for saving Gurpeet. She tells him that she won’t forget his help. Sanju says to him that she did many things for them. She is a pillar of his house. He hugs Parineet to comfort her. Meanwhile, Neeti reaches the police station and witnesses them hugging each other. She is shocked to see them in such a position. Bebe reaches there at that time and enjoys the scene in front of her. Parineet says to Sanju that Babaji sent him near her to save Gurpeet. Sanju consoles her and takes Parineet from there. Bebe notices Mukesh there and demands him to return home. Neeti walks in the rain while recalling Parineet and Sanju’s betrayal. Neeti breaks into tears and hugs Bebe. She tells her that this is why she tried to stop her reaching near Parineet. She asks her to see the true face of Parineet. She is talking to her in sugar-coated words and snatching her happiness from her behind her back.

Bebe reminds Neeti that, because of Parineet, those goons kidnapped Neeti mistakenly. She lost her baby while saving them. Neeti would have carried the baby which Parineet was carrying today. Neeti shares her grief with Bebe. Bebe asks her to think smartly now and remove Parineet from her way forever. She asks her to throw out the concern on Parineet. Neeti says that she was right. Sanju is her husband, not hers. She won’t allow her to snatch Sanju from her. Later, Sanju takes Gurpeet’s blessing. Gurpreet slaps Sanju. She says that she will have to do it before herself. The Bajwa family took advantage of Parineet’s innocence and betrayed her. Sanju says to Gurpeet that he was forced to marry Parineet. He explained his situation to her. Gurpreet says that she misunderstood Sanju, who was a good person and made Parineet happy, but she was wrong. Sanju apologised to her. Gurpreet tells him that she won’t forgive him. Parineet says that she came out because of him. She adds that she won’t reveal to anyone in Barnala that he was married to Neeti. Neeti asks Bebe what she has to do to remove Parineet from her life. Bebe guided her in the wrong way. Neeti agrees to her idea. Later, Gurinder thinks that Sanju left his job to help Parineet. She wanted to see how will he help Gurpeet. Gurinder mocks at Sanju. She adds that she may be uneducated but she is aware that they won’t release her until she withdraws the complaint. Gurinder fumes after seeing Gurpeet there. She mentioned Gurpeet as a thief. Sanju lashes out at Gurinder and takes a stand for Gurpeet. He adds that she was aware Gurpeet wouldn’t steal. Parminder scolds Gurinder. Sukhwinder feels disappointed to see Gurpeet is back. She thinks that only Neeti has rights in this house, not Parineet. Neeti returns home. Parineet shares everything with Neeti. She expresses her happiness to her. She adds that Sanju helped her to take Gurpeet out at the right time. Parineet hugs Neeti and shares their childhood memories. Neeti pushes her away. Sanju prevents her from falling down. Neeti realizes that everyone is watching them. She tells her that she was wet in rain. what if Parineet caught cold. After all, she is carrying Sanju’s baby.

Parineet asks Neeti why she is mentioning it as Sanju’s baby? Neeti says that it’s her baby too. Why is she getting serious about small things? Parineet feels emotional seeing her care. Bebe comes there and tells a story. Later, Neeti asks Parineet why she is there? Parineet tells her that she doesn’t need any reason to meet her. Parineet thanked her for today.
Parineet thank Sanju for helping her. Sanju says that she even took risk to save her. He just missed his flight for her. Parineet says that Neeti is lucky to get Sanju as her husband. Neeti asks her Isn’t she his family?

Episode end

Precap: Neeti will say to Bebe that she decided to remove Parineet from her path. She will ask her to kill her in an accident. Neeti will employ a goon to kill Parineet

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