Parineetii 31st March 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Pariminder lashing out at Sanju. Bebe feels happy to see them fighting. Sukhwinder says that she thought Neeti was lucky to get a sister like Parineet. But she was wrong. Neeti did a sin that is why she got Parineet in her life. Parineet tries to convince Neeti. Neeti asks her to stay away from her. She has learned a new truth today. Sanju tells her that Parineet is not a mistake here. Neeti tells him that she won’t stay peaceful until Parineet stays in this house. She demands Parineet leave this house. Gurpreet says that Neeti was an outsider, not Parineet. She has to leave her. Everyone accepted Parineet as their daughter-in-law. Sanju will fall for Parineet in a few days. Bebe has a nightmare. She thinks that it shouldn’t happen. Parineet wants to leave this house, not Neeti.

Neeti helped Sanju to dress his wound. He praises Neeti for taking care of him. Gurpreet notices Neeti with Sanju. She thinks that Neeti is in Parineet’s place. She says to god it’s wrong. How would Parineet see her husband with her sister? It’s wrong to snatch her rights and to live in her place. She won’t allow this to happen again. Sanju asks her to be gentle. It’s paining. Neeti tells him it’s paining her a lot. She doesn’t know what to do. His wound will disappear, but his wounds won’t disappear for life long.

She will beat it because she loves him. Sanju asks her why she is talking like that? She asks him, does he love her most in his life? She asks him to take a rest. Sanju requests her to stay beside him. He feels better when she is with him. Neeti feels emotional. Meanwhile, Gurpreet notices Parineet standing alone. She thought that her daughter was in pain but they didn’t care about her. Why is God punishing her like that?

Gurpreet comforts Parineet. Parineet tells her that she is feeling better now. Gurpreet asks her why she is hiding her pain and not voice out. She asks her how she will voice out when she doesn’t have rights. Neeti has that right. She shares her grief with Gurpreet. She adds that she accepted this bitter truth. Gurpreet consoles her. Sanju didn’t give her the happiness which she deserved. Parineet feels dizzy. She tells her that she lost blood. That is why she is feeling dizzy. Gurpreet asks her why she is undergoing so much stress. She could take care of her health. Parminder asks Parineet to listen to her mom. Gurpreet feels happy to see someone taking care of her. Gurpreet tells her that she shouldn’t hide if she feels uncomfortable. She will call the doctor to check her. Her baby shouldn’t be affected by it. Gurpreet thinks whose baby?

Sanju excuses Neeti and Sukhwinder to talk in private. He teases them. Sukhwinder asks Neeti where he is gone? She tells her that he is going to meet his mom. Sukhwinder says that he may go to meet Parineet because she is carrying his baby. She tells her that he will share it with her if he wants to meet her. Sukhwinder asks her not to look down on Parineet. She is trying a lot to impress Sanju. She saved him from danger and carried his baby. It’s enough to fall for her. What if he took her to this bedroom? Neeti asks her what she will do? She loves Sanju. Sukhwinder asks her to kick Parineet out of the house. She is her sautan.

Gurpreet is shocked to hear that Parineet is carrying Neeti and Sanju’s baby. Gurpreet lashes out at Parineet for carrying their baby who betrayed her. Neeti snatched everything from her. Then why did she carry her child? Gurpreet asks Parminder why she allow her to carry his child? Doesn’t she have a life? She deserved a happy life too. Parineet tells her that she isn’t wrong. She voluntarily carried this baby. Gurpreet asks Parminder if she can at least advise her or stop her. Gurpreet wents out her anger at Parminder. Parineet tries to convince Gurpreet. Gurpreet says to Parineet it’s enough just go with her. She is ready to face everyone but she can’t allow her to stay there. Parineet refuses to go with her.

Episode end

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