Parineetii 29th March 2023 Written Update: The goon shoots Sanju

The episode starts with Vickram demanding the goons to make a video call to him. The leader scolds his team for playing instead of giving security to Sanju. The leader informs Vickram that he is in his warehouse. Vickram feels relieved after seeing him there. The leader notices Sanju’s shoes look different. He removes the clothes from his face and is shocked to see his henchman there. Vickram demands him to show Mehra’s face to confirm whether he kidnapped him or someone else? He says to Vickram that he has kidnapped Sanju instead of Mehra. Vickram lashes out at him. The leader complained that he didn’t give his photo to them. It wasn’t their mistake. The goons start searching for Parineet and Sanju.

Parineet slips down. The goons notice them. Parineet asks Sanju to leave, but he is adamant to take her along with him. They hide inside the car. Sanju informs Parineet that there is no petrol in this car. They try to escape from the goons and rush back to the warehouse. He locked the door. Parineet complained that he shouldn’t have hidden there again. Sanju says that it was her mistake. She shouldn’t have taken the risk of reaching him alone. Both are arguing with each other. The goons threaten them to come out or else they will break the door.

Monty and Bebe reach the spot. She pressurizes him to go inside. Monty tells her that they are dangerous people. They can’t barge inside like that. Bebe didn’t give heed to him and rushed inside. Monty followed her behind. Meanwhile, Sanju and Parineet hide somewhere safe. The goons broke the door. They are searching for Parineet and Sanju. Parineet notices the way Sanju holds her hand. She recalls Sanju and Neeti’s wedding. Sanju took his hand from her. Meanwhile, Monty and Bebe arrive there. She thinks that goons are fools to allow them inside easily. Monty takes Sanju and Parineet from there. Bebe thinks that she has to do something to alert the goons.

Bebe intentionally walks slowly to get the goons’ attention. But no one noticed them. Sanju asks Bebe to sit inside the car. She stole the car key. Monty searches for the car key. Bebe tells her that she lost it somewhere. She says to them that she will take it back. Sanju tells her it’s a risk, so he will take it back. Parineet denies it. Bebe says that the goons knew them well. They don’t know her, so she will bring it back. Later, Bebe notices the goons searching for Sanju. One of the goons takes her blessing. She slaps him and his leader for being careless. She complaints that Parineet saved Sanju from his custody.

She says that she hid the key to stop them escaping from goons. She demands them to catch them asap. The goons are about to leave, but Bebe stops them. Bebe asks them to place a knife on her neck and threatens them. They won’t listen to them if they fail to follow her idea. Bebe says that the police are coming to catch them. They found the location. The goons capture them again. Bebe pretends to be scared of them. The goons are planning what to do next. His teammates say that they won’t get money for this kidnapping. Monty plays the sirin sound to fool them. The goons escaped from there. Sanju releases everyone. Monty and Sanju fight with the goons. Parineet saves Sanju from the goons. Bebe thinks that Neeti hasn’t reached her yet. Parineet will take all the credit again. The police reached there at that time. The goon points his gun at Sanju. Parineet came in front of him. Both Sanju and Parineet get shot. Parminder says that Parineet saved Sanju once again. She thanked her. Neeti feels jealous to see Parineet taking the credit.

Episode end

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