Parineetii 1st April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Sanju informing his family that he is going out for office work. Bebe asks Sanju if he is going to work in the same office? Sanju nodded to them. Bebe says that Mehra didn’t inform the police that he was kidnapped instead of Mehra. He wasn’t ready to help him either. Sanju says to her that it’s normal in this corporate field. He was the reason for getting this project and he was the best employee in that office. Mehra apologized to him many times. Parineet asks him to eat breakfast and leave. Sanju asks her to pack the food for him. Gurinder asks him to work somewhere else. Sanju tells her that everyone is not an understanding one like Parineet. She takes a risk to save him. He appreciates her in front of Neeti. Neeti felt jealous to hear it. Parineet notices her mom packing luggage. Parineet tries to stop her.

Gurpreet says to Parineet that she can’t see her daughter in pain. She is able to understand that she was determined to fulfill their desires. But she couldn’t see her struggling in front of her eyes. Parineet tells her that she isn’t doing it for Sanju but Neeti. They consider her as their daughter-in-law. Neeti’s mistake is not in it. She can’t blame her for it. Gurpreet says to her that no one cared about Parineet’s happiness. They need their heir. Parineet requests her not to leave. Gurpreet says to her that she can’t forget whatever she faces here. She can return home whenever she feels no better here. Gurpreet is determined to leave from there. Bebe and Sukhwinder overheard their conversation. Bebe says to Sukhwinder that Neeti isn’t listening to her. Parineet is fooling Sanju and Neeti. She manipulates her against Parineet. Sukhwinder tells her that Neeti isn’t understanding the truth.

Bebe tells her that she has a better plan for her. If she uses her plan, then Parineet and Neeti’s bond will break forever. She agrees to do it. Later, Sukhwinder asks Gurpreet. Is she leaving? She tells her that her work is over there. Sukhwinder smirks at her. She takes Gurpreet from there to talk with her alone. Parineet says to Parminder that Gurpreet is adamant about going back. She asks her to make her understand it. Parminder says to her that she is also a mom, so she can understand her pain. A mom shouldn’t be able to see their child struggling. Didn’t she go out her anger when she came to know Sanju’s truth.

She explains Gurpreet’s situation with Parineet. She supports Gurpreet’s decision. Parineet feels emotional after hearing it. Later, Gurpreet asks Sukhwinder what’s the matter? She tries to make her delay by gossiping about neighbours. Gurpreet tells her that she is leaving if she doesn’t want anything else to talk with her. Sukhwinder asks her to leave. She will talk with her on the phone. Bebe signals Sukhwinder that she has finished her job. Gurinder says to Neeti that she wants to give a gift to her. She is her daughter-in-law, so she wishes to give it to her. Neeti felt happy to hear it. Gurpreet thinks that no one cared about Parineet here. They are not giving heed to her pain.

The jewellery shop staff comes there to polish the necklace. Gurinder asks Parineet to take the necklace from the cupboard. Gurpreet says to them that she is leaving. She asks her to stay there. Neeti thinks that she got the rights at least. Whatever Parineet tries, she can’t snatch her rights. Sukhwinder thinks what Parineet is doing here? She is staying in this house like a snake to ruin Neeti’s happiness. Gurpreet thinks that Parineet has the rights to get that necklace but Neeti receives it. No one is giving her rights in this house. Parminder feels bad for Parineet. She is disappointed by Gurinder’s actions. Parineet informs Gurinder that the necklace is missing. Bebe thinks that the right time has come. She intentionally pushes Gurpreet’s bag. Everyone is shocked to find the jewellery box in her bag.

Episode end

Precap; Gurinder will threaten everyone not to stop the police from taking Gurpreet from there. Bebe will say to Neeti that she got a good husband though she is living in hell because of Parineet. Sukhwinder will add that she lost her baby because of Parineet.

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