Parineetii 17th March 2023 Written Update: Parineet refuses to accept Gurinder’s gift

The episode starts with Sanju requesting Neeti not to sleep on the couch. Neeti says that he was the one who started it. He slept on a couch yesterday. Sanju says that she is behaving like he did some sin to her. Neeti gave a fitting reply to him. Sanju asks her to stop pretending to sleep to avoid conversation.

Neeti argues with him about not allowing her to sleep. Later, Parineet says to Chandrika that she has no issues doing this work. It’s good for a pregnant woman to work at this time. Chandrika asks her to take a rest on time. She needs proper rest. Parineet assured her to do the decoration work. Parineet is about to lose her balance on the ladder. Sanju holds her on time. He tells her that he will do it but she denies it. He appreciates the decorations. Bebe notices them. Sanju holds her hand. Bebe notices Neeti crying.

Bebe asks her to see the truth in front of her. She shouldn’t ignore it. She is trying to take everyone on her side. Sanju says that they were wearing the same color dress. Parineet excuses Sanju to meet Gurinder. Bebe manipulates Neeti against Parineet. Later, Gurinder gifts a necklace to Parineet. She informs her that Sanju’s grandmother gifted this to her when she carried Sanju. It’s their traditional jewellery. Parineet is carrying Sanju’s baby now. She deserves this. Parineet says that she is just carrying this baby. But Neeti is a mom. She is the daughter-in-law of this house. She deserves all this.

Gurinder asks her why she is so innocent. She did many wrong deeds to her. If she didn’t commit that mistake, then she would have been her daughter-in-law. She feels guilty. Parineet says to her that Neeti is a good person. She will take good care of this family. Gurinder says that she isn’t ready to accept this gift. She is able to bless her at least. Parineet says that she always needs her blessings. She gives a gift to her.

Parineet accepts her blessings. Bebe notices that Neeti heard it. She says to Neeti that she didn’t hear her words. That is why everything goes out of her hand. She won’t get anything by crying alone. She asks her to listen to her. Neeti is showing her anger at Parineet or Sanju. She won’t get anything by it. She still has time to change everything. Neeti says to her that Sanju said to her that he wouldn’t love another one but he married Parineet. Bebe asks her to forget that. Neeti says that she needs her Sanju back. She loved him. Bebe says that Parineet got Gurinder’s trust. She won her heart.

Bebe says that she will try to harm Parineet again. Neeti says that she doesn’t want to harm her. She can’t do anything to Parineet. Bebe says to her if she listens to her then Parineet will be out of this house today. She demands Neeti to promise her. Neeti recalls Sanju and Parineet’s closeness and promises her.

Bebe demands her to follow her instructions. She assured her to kick Parineet out of this house. She asks her to do the pooja before it. Parineet thinks that Neeti will look beautiful in this necklace. But Gurinder may be disappointed if she doesn’t wear it. Meanwhile, Bela calls Parineet. She inquires her whether she was getting that scary dream again? She nodded to her. Bela says that she shouldn’t waste her life on others. She asks her to leave that house.

Parineet says that she has tried many times but destiny again brought her back here. Bela says that she has to concentrate on her future instead of Neeti. Parineet consoles her and disconnects the call. Later, Parminder prays for the family’s happiness and Parineet’s safe delivery. The priest asks the baby’s parents to sit in the pooja. Neeti is about to sit beside Sanju but Gurinder stops her. She says that Parineet is carrying her baby so she will sit beside him. Parineet denies it, reasoning she is just carrying this baby. But Neeti has rights to this baby. Parminder takes the priest’s permission to allow both Neeti and Parineet to sit with Sanju.

Episode end

Precap: Gurinder will stop Neeti from sitting beside Sanju. The priest will ask Sanju to hold Parineet’s hand. Bebe will stop her and says that she isn’t Sanju’s wife. Neeti will demand Sanju to say who his wife is, Neeti or Parineet?

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