Parineetii 15th March 2023 Written Update: Parineet grows suspicious

The episode starts with Neeti saying to Bebe that she can’t handle all this. Bebe asks her to calm down. Neeti adds that Parminder has already considered Parineet as her daughter-in-law. Now, Gurinder goes to her side. Bebe says that she is on her side. She has a plan to bring Gurinder back to her side. But she shouldn’t get angry at her like last time when she tried to burn her.

Neeti says that she doesn’t want to kill her. Bebe asks her to remove Parineet from her life. Neeti recalls their betrayal and asks Bebe to share the plan with her. Later, Chandrika asks Parineet about when Neeti and Parineet became friends. Parineet says that she is her sister.

Chandrika says that Neeti is acting weirdly. She had changed in her behaviour. Parineet says that she didn’t feel like that. Chandrika says that she is observing her small changes in Neeti. She isn’t an old Neeti anymore. Parineet asks her to say it clearly.

Chandrika says that both Parineet and Neeti are Sanju’s wives. Parineet asks her to lower her voice, if Neeti hears it? She is aware of the truth that Sanju loves Neeti and he married him in front of everyone. Chandrika says that Neeti isn’t talking with her anymore and considering her as a sister.

Bebe says to Neeti that she has to be careful to snatch her rights back from Parineet. She wants to work hard to win everyone’s heart here. Neeti says that she knew Parineet from childhood days but she didn’t know her true intentions.

She is trying to snatch her family and husband from her. Bebe asks her to kick Parineet out of this house. Chandrika asks Parineet to say doesn’t she feel like her? Parineet says that Neeti is going through a lot. She may be worrying about her pregnancy results. Meanwhile, Bebe says to Neeti that she asked her many times to kick her out but she didn’t do it.

Neeti says that she wasn’t aware of her intentions. Bebe asks her why she believes her friend this much? She consoles Neeti. Bebe advises her to plan how to kick her out. Bebe demands Neeti not to betray her again like last time. She shares a secret plan with Neeti.

Monty asks Sanju and Amith why they are working at home. Amith asks him to let them work. Monty teases them to get Parminder’s permission to work at home. Monty complained that they were not spending time with him. Sanju and Amith tease him.

Monty asks him to thank Parineet first. Because of her, Sanju went out of jail. He got his job back. Amith says that whatever he said to him was true. Sanju says that he really wants to thank Parineet but he has no idea what to do. Gurinder comes there and says to him that she isn’t getting sleep.

Something is bothering her today. Sanju consoles her that everything is alright. Gurinder says that Parineet cares for them a lot. Because of her, he went out. Whenever they faced problems, she was the one who came to help them first. She is a good person. Amith and Sanju crack jokes to make her happy.

Gurinder says to Sanju that she always tries to kick her out. She had to thank her for her help. Amith praises Parineet. Gurinder says that if she gets a chance, then she will bring Parineet happiness back and give her house to her.

Later, Parineet recalls Neeti and Parineet’s beautiful moments with each other. Parminder notices Parineet standing alone. She says to her that she may not have to give birth to Parineet, but she considers her as her own daughter. What’s bothering her? Parineet shares with Parminder that she noticed the changes in Neeti. She isn’t behaving like old Neeti.

She never saw her behaving like that. She thinks that Neeti may be worrying about Parineet’s pregnancy report. Parminder assures her that god won’t break their relationship with each other. Everything will be alright soon. It’s rare to find a person like Parineet who worries about others.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will be worried about her pregnancy reports. Sanju will bring the pregnancy reports. Parineet will say that she wanted Neeti to read it first. Neeti reads it and gets emotional.

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